Science of Cocktails 2018

Ever wondered if you could go out for just one night without the kids, yet still have fun while remaining young at heart? Or wanted to partake in a unique evening that combined great food and drink with different activities under one roof?

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Mini Poke Plate with marinated seafood by Mary Lee Newham of Emelle’s Catering]

The answer could be Science of Cocktails, an annual event showcasing award-winning bartenders paired with treats of gastronomy by local chefs to help support Science World’s Class Field Trip Bursary Program for underserved schools.

Here are my highlights from attending this dazzling, interactive cocktail evening.

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Smoked Caesar with Roots & Wings vodka, spice, Walter Craft Caesar Mix by Matt Benevoli and Elson Cheng]

On the ground level, I sipped on a delicious and smokey Caesar while stuffing myself with a pseudo lettuce cup and wrap.

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Vevo Lettuce Cup with Marinated mushrooms & smoked tofu topped with Asian slaw and pineapple and crispy shallots]

Throughout the night, various MCs hosted shows and competitions from the main stage for guests to wander in and out between visits to food and drink stations.

[Relaxing with cocktails in hand by the main stage]

I wandered between the venue’s two station-packed levels to find various culinary delights and creative concoctions of liquid courage.

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Vaporized Ungava Gin & Tonic]

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Winner of the night: Char Sui Pork Rillettes with pork, yuzu pearls and miso sesame emulsion by Jesse Hochihausen of the Showcase Restaurant and Bar]

Wondering how to make the most of next year’s Science of Cocktails? Get there early!

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Cubano with Havana Club rum, honey, and bitters by Donnie Wheeler and Sara Campbell]

Being a February event, it might be a little chilly outside, but there will be a line-up just before the start of the general admission start time.

If you book a general admission ticket, head up to the second floor or to the Top Shelf Club first. You may find shorter lines as the VIPers are relaxing in the special world-class lounge.

Some of my favourite cocktails and concoctions found in the Top Shelf Club:

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Clear Collins: Skyy vodka, citric acid, simple syrup, dry ice by Rod Redford and Lazar Adamovic]

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Fat Washed Boulevardier with Jim Bean Black fat washed with Taiwanese pork belly, Campari, and sweet vermouth by Kingsley Clark and Cari Leslie]

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Double Cream Brie & Pickled Asparagus Cheese Toast by Chef Alvin Pillay of The Donnelly Group]

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Penicillin with Bruichladdich, honey ginger syrup, lemon juice by Jess Mili and Vladislav Novikov]

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Braised Pork Belly in Steamed Bun with pork belly, daikon and carrots by Chef Wesley Young by Pidgin]

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Mad Beets with pureed beets and sorrel by Chef Michael Chan from Peake of Catering]


World-class VIP Room

Each VIP ticket includes access to their VIP-only lounge with more couches to relax on while enjoying other tapas, cocktails and activities only available to those in the lounge.

Science of Cocktails 2018
[The enormous charcuterie table]

[A showcase of soluble ingredients, oils and alcohol: Guatemala Colada with pineapple, kaffir lime, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, vanilla bean, sugar, and sweet vermouth by Grant Sceney]

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Dollops of light and fluffy dessert bites]

Have fun exploring and learning. We all learn differently. You might enjoy listening to a stage presentation and demo.

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Ping Pong station with ping pong balls shot through aluminum cans]

Partake in a hands-on demonstration or build something in the interactive area! In between bites and sips, wander around to each area and try your hand at something fun and learn something new about science in the process.

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Jenga and LED badge building station]

You may find yourself impressed with your creative DIY concoction or inspired to build something different at home.

Enjoy responsibly. If you’re lucky to have a designated driver with you, there are several different food items and non-alcoholic beverages for them to enjoy like Rise Kombucha.

Science of Cocktails 2018
[Rise Kombucha]

Stay hydrated to reduce your chances of a next-day hangover with downing on shots of water in between food and cocktail stations.

And get home safely: Science World is just steps away from the Main Street Skytrain station and cabs, so there’s no excuse to drink and drive home.

Science of Cocktails 2018

With the help of the funds raised by Science of Cocktails 2018, over 8,000 students will get to visit Science World on a class field trip for the 2018/2019 school year.

Each year, 100% of Science of Cocktails proceeds support the Science World Class Field Trip Bursary, which allows kids from underserved schools an opportunity to go on a FREE class field trip to Science World.

PRESALE tickets for February 7, 2019 are now available online.

Science of Cocktails 2018

Science of Cocktails 2019

Date: Thursday, February 7, 2019; 8 pm to midnight
Venue: Science World at TELUS World of Science, 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver
Pre-sale tickets: General, $125; VIP, $225; available in advance online

Thank you to the organizers for the opportunity to soak in the fun of culinary and cocktails neat, straight up and on the rocks. Top image: Sweet Tea Smash with Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, simple syrup, mint infused orange pekoe tea, and lemon juice by Matt Majid and Quinton Leary; photos by Yumi Ang.

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