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Rocky Mtn Chocolates offers a gorgeous chocolate box filled with rich treats, hand-crafted chocolate hearts and a selection of artisanal chocolate barks this Valentine’s Day.

Rocky Mtn Chocolates Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Creations

Rich, delicious chocolates are the go-to gift for lovers — this year Canada’s iconic chocolatier celebrates romance with the launch of a limited-edition collection of original chocolate showpiece items and elegant confections.

Rocky Mtn Chocolates Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Creations

Highlights include swoon-worthy chocolate bark bars infused with edible rose petals and dried strawberries; whimsical foil-wrapped ‘Pucker Up’ chocolate lips and ‘Heart of Glass’ hard-candy suckers; delectable solid-chocolate hearts; and assorted hand-picked Bomb Boxes containing a selection of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bombs with a smooth milk chocolate centre enrobed in caramel, dipped in more chocolate and adorned with scrumptious ingredients and toppings.

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Their curated heart box will wow your sweetheart with an impressive array of chocolate treasures in festive pink and red hues – including chocolate bombs, sweet caramels, crunchy clusters and flavourful domes – all exquisitely displayed in a beautiful blush-coloured heart-shaped package.

Here’s an overview of offerings, available through February 15.

Valentine’s Day Heart Box ($50)
– Chocolate Bombs: Dark Chocolate Naked Bomb, Raspberry Naked Bomb, Dark Cherry Bomb
– Caramels: Sea Salt Caramel, Cranberry & Orange Caramel, Tiramisu Caramels
– Clusters: Sea Salt Almond Toffee, Cherry Cluster, Coffee Crisp Cluster, Berry Blast, Almond Cluster, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Crunch, Cashew Cluster
– Specialty Items: Grape Dome, Pink Champagne Dome, Strawberry Meltdown, Raspberry Dome, Peanut Butter Cup, Cashew Mogul, Blueberry Trio

Bomb Box
Available in 5-piece ($25) or 10-piece box ($40)
Pick-your-own assortment of Rocky Mtn Chocolate’s signature chocolate bombs.
Note: Due to the delicate nature of chocolate bombs, Bomb Boxes are available exclusively in-store and for local delivery.

Rocky Mtn Chocolates Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Creations

Chocolate Strawberry Boxes
Available in chocolate heart berry tray ($25), small ($40), medium ($65) and large ($100) sizes
A deliciously decadent box of assorted handmade chocolate bombs combined with a variety of hand-dipped and decorated chocolate-covered strawberries, or just hand-dipped and decorated chocolate-covered strawberries.

Valentine’s Chocolate Bark ($15)
– Strawberry & Champagne: Dark chocolate bark with sparkling wine flavour, dried strawberries
– Love Blossoms: Milk and white chocolate swirl bark with chocolate flowers, edible rose petals
– Berry Sweet: White and dark chocolate swirl bar with dried raspberries, edible rose petals

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Valentine’s Suckers
– Heart sucker ($6.50): Solid heart-shaped sucker in choice of milk or dark chocolate
– Flower sucker ($6.50): Solid flower-shaped sucker in choice of milk, dark or white chocolate
– Heart of Glass sucker ($8): Raspberry-flavoured hard-candy heart sucker made with edible rose petals

Rocky Mtn Chocolates Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Creations

Chocolate Confections
– Melt My Heart ($12): Collection of milk chocolate foil hearts
– Pucker Up ($12): Whimsical solid milk chocolate lips wrapped in foil
– Heart Pack ($10): 4 oz. milk or dark chocolate heart paired with milk chocolate foil hearts
– Chocolate Heart ($6.50): Classic 2.25 oz. solid chocolate in milk, dark or white chocolate
– ‘You Melt My Heart’ Hot Chocolate Bombs ($20 for two): charming bear-shaped his & hers chocolate bombs in milk and dark chocolate (available at select stores only)

Rocky Mountain Valentine's Day Chocolate
[‘You Melt My Heart’ Hot Chocolate Bombs]

With the exception of chocolate bomb boxes and chocolate strawberry boxes, all items can also be purchased online with optional curb-side pickup or cross-country delivery.

There’s free shipping on orders over $150; overnight delivery is available for last-minute purchases. Visit Rocky Mtn Chocolate online for ordering and more product info.

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