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During this warm, sunny summer, we’ve been taking every opportunity to get outside with hikes, picnics, sailing lessons and bike rides. When we discovered a way to ride a bike ON the water, we just had to experience it for ourselves!

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We recently booked a BC Water Bikes sunset cruise aboard a pair of USA-built, eco-friendly Hydrobike Explorers that let you literally pedal above water. You can bike anywhere from eight to 15 kilometers per hour, depending on the level of workout you desire (chill out to workout).

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A fun alternative to SUP or kayaking, this local activity is an easy afternoon or evening spent with friends, partners or family. You don’t even need to know how to ride a bike: these bikes are both virtually untippable and unsinkable!

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Water bikes are also a great way to get in a lower body, low-impact fitness session — including cardio. It’s also more gentle on your joints and knees than regular cycling.

BC Water Bikes Vancouver

You’ll get fitted with a life jacket, waterproof/floating lanyard case for your smart phone, storage for valuables and snacks, space for two drinks (non-alcoholic) and a safety briefing before leaving shore.

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You may also store larger belongings with the BC Water Bikes team, located in Vanier Park next to the Kitsilano Coast Guard (1661 Whyte Avenue). Look for the blue pop-up tent between the two docks.

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BC Water Bikes offers a nightly sunset ride (departing at 7:30 pm) for $55 (adults) and $40 (18 and under, 55+).

BC Water Bikes

Cormorants fly overhead. Small boats and yachts, standup paddle boarders, kayakers and colourful False Creek Ferries pass alongside us during our time on the water. Waves gently move us around False Creek as we first start off towards Science World and then decide on an about-face towards English Bay.

BC Water Bikes Vancouver

Crossing over towards Kits Beach, we get a fun, wavy experience as we ride through the wakes of boats. Even though there’s a few rocky moments on the bike, we never feel like we’re about to capsize. That’s the joy of these boats: they’re very stable!

Getting off the pedals and standing on the blue platform from time to time gives us a good stretch and a break from sitting. This is definitely a workout made more intense from the end-of-day heat. It’s exhilarating to smell the salty air as we pedal along. The strangest feeling was being back on our regular land bikes!

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We much enjoyed the water bikes and recommend checking them out for a couple of hours. The smart phone pouches are relatively easy to use as they get tucked onto the side of your life jacket (you won’t be able to use face ID though, so count on typing in your password when you want to capture that gorgeous scenery).

Apart from the sunset cruise, a two-hour rental costs $65 for adults, $50 for youth (18 and under, 55+), plus taxes. Riders must be 58” or taller to participate.

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If you’re too far away to get here by bike, public transit, False Creek Ferry or on foot, there’s nearby parking available for about $3.75 hour/$12.75 for the day. BC Water Bikes also accommodates groups and hopes to schedule in some special events before the end of the season, including a moonlight ride.

Check out BC Water Bikes online for details and booking options.

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