PixelSkin HD Wrap viewing angle

Speck has recently launched their PixelSkin HD Wrap for the 3rd generation iPad. This case follows the same design as the rest of the PixelSkin series. Speck offers two PixelSkin patterns: the HD pattern as well as the iPhone4/4S and iPod Touch “low res” version, incorporating a larger pixel pattern.

PixelSkin HD Wrap-4 PixelSkin HD Wrap-8

The PixelSkin HD Wrap has a semi-flexible shell with four sturdy panels that bend both ways.

PixelSkin HD Wrap-9

The headphone, rear camera, side switch, speaker, and dock connector are all precisely cut and are well protected by the beveled edges. However, the sleep/wake button and volume buttons are fully covered. I tested both sets of buttons and discovered no decrease in their functionality by their being covered.

PixelSkin HD Wrap-5

The back of the PixelSkin HD Wrap is soft and pliable with a glossy finish, coupled with a matte grid pattern for both style and feel.

PixelSkin HD Wrap-3

The raised Speck logo is centered vertically along the middle. The photo below depicts the Peacock Blue colour most accurately.

PixelSkin HD Wrap-2

The front of the case matches the back, with a hard plastic clip to both secure and put the iPad to sleep.

PixelSkin HD Wrap-11

I’d read several online reviews mentioning occasional failure for the iPad to wake up (or go to sleep) with this case, but I’ve been testing this all afternoon and so far, it does what it’s cut out to do. As long as the clasp is clicked into place, the iPad3 will sleep; when unclasped, it awakens.

PixelSkin HD Wrap-7

This feature can definitely make or break a case, as the last thing an iPad owner would want is the battery to be drained by a malfunctioning case.

Speck PixelSkin in peacock

The next important PixelSkin HD Wrap feature is the viewing and typing angles offered. I tried my iPad with both, on a solid surface.

PixelSkin HD Wrap-10

Both work fine, but once off a tabletop or other sturdy surface, the panels have a tendency to unravel.

Magnetic sleep/awake feature
Protective case with beveled edges and well-designed iPad port cut-outs
Available in pretty colours as well as in black
Beautiful design carried across several Speck electronic accessory case lines

Viewing stand (high position) tugs on case if not properly fitted and falls off if moved too much
Both viewing and typing angles work better on a stable surface
Would be more convenient if both viewing angles could be used without unfolding panels first (e.g. Apple’s Smart Cover)

PixelSkin HD Wrap colours

The PixelSkin HD Wrap retails for US $49.95 and is available in Cobalt, Pomodoro, Peacock, Bubblegum, Grape, and Black. I also found the case at Amazon Canada that includes the free Super Saver shipping option.

Disclosure note: I was sent the PixelSkin HD Wrap for the purpose of writing this review: cmply.2

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