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Some great news for coffee and pastry lovers! Starbucks Canada will bring French-inspired pastries created by San Francisco bakery La Boulange to Vancouver starting in early March.

La Boulange at Starbucks-1 Starbucks Double Chocolate Brownie
[Pascal Rigo; La Boulange/Starbucks double chocolate brownie (brownie photo courtesy of Starbucks]

The popular San Franciscan artisanal bakery now boasts over 20 locations as well as a Los Angeles shop. The recipes are based on Bordeaux-born and bred chef, baker, cookbook author and La Boulange founder Pascal Rigo, who flew to Vancouver for the festive launch held at an East Vancouver Starbucks shop last week.

Also on hand to discuss the new pastry line were Carly Suppa, Starbucks Canada public affairs spokeswoman and Isabelle Hemond, the coffee chain’s Director of Food.

La Boulange at Starbucks-3

The story began two years ago, when Starbucks acquired LA Boulange for US $100 million. The pastry line has been going strong in the US since then, and now Canada gets its turn to enjoy these gorgeous, affordable treats alongside a cup of coffee or tea. According to Pascal, affordable, quality food is key here.

The bread is prepared using 100% organic Canadian flour, cage-free egg whites, slow-roasted ham, real butter and regional ingredients such as BC blueberries. While it can be challenging to keep prices down and offer the best quality available, the personable chef is certain that challenges aside, Starbucks will succeed in this goal.

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For example, the croissants will range in price from $2.25 to $2.45. The Canadian team works with suppliers on a daily basis: this is a back-to-basics line of quality goods with a classic French flair.

La Boulange at Starbucks-4

Here are some of the goodies we sampled, from chocolate croissants to double chocolate brownies. Alongside the treats were cups of Starbucks’ Organic Yukon Blend coffee, a medium roast using Latin American and Sumatra beans, yielding chocolate and cinnamon notes.

The assortment includes:
– Real butter croissants
– Chocolate croissants (Traditional with single-origin chocolate batons)
– Almond danish (all-butter with pastry cream and frangipane)
– Cheese danish (all-butter with reduced-fat cream cheese)
– Orange cranberry scones (candied orange with cranberry spread)
– Blueberry scones with a touch of lemon
– Gluten-free flourless chocolate cookies, single origin Colombian chocolate chips
– Gluten-free marshmallow dream bars
– Double chocolate brownies with chunks of premium chocolate

La Boulange Cheese Danish
[La Boulange cheese danish; photo courtesy of Starbucks]

Salivating yet? Only a few weeks left to wait!

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