Koko Monk Owner/Chocolatier Paul Dincer

Paul Dincer, founder of Koko Monk Chocolates, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help him open a second location in Vancouver.

The goal of the campaign, which runs through April 3, is to crowdfund a total of $10,000, which will go towards new equipment.

Dincer’s purchases will allow the chocolatier to create a sophisticated line of “ready to brew” hot chocolate products, operate a dedicated hot chocolate café and meet the ever-growing demand for Koko Monk’s existing line of single origin, bean-to-bar raw chocolates. Dincer hopes to open the second location this fall.

Koko Monk's Iron Buddhas: naked

Since 2013, Koko Monk has operated out of a cozy shop in Kitsilano. Drawing inspiration from his comprehensive background and education in fine art, literature and philosophy, Dincer creates one-of-a-kind, complex flavour fusions using raw chocolate (unadulterated, unprocessed cacao beans).

The company’s name, ‘Koko Monk,’ highlights a philosophy of living and working with one’s environment and employing natural ingredients, rather than forcing synthesized solutions that go against their natural functions.

Raw chocolate bars in progress
[Raw chocolate bars in progress]

I’m so proud of Koko Monk Chocolates, a thriving independently owned business that has a strong personal connection within the community. — Paul Dincer

Over the years, Koko Monk’s unique hot chocolate creations have garnered acclaim by various media channels, from BuzzFeed to Chatelaine.

Koko Monk’s currently hot chocolate lineup includes A Non-Conformist’s Plea For An Imaginary Summer – tomato hot chocolate with rose and raspberry; Strange Gravity – oregano hot chocolate with melon and a touch of anise; and Brunette Bangle – curry hot chocolate with coconut liquor.

Koko Monk Hot Chocolate -Cubes
[L to R: Authentic, Matcha White Chocolate and Turkish Mocha Cubes]

He’s got 14 in total to dazzle even the most discriminating chocolate lover.

Through meticulous research, Dincer has crafted a “ready to brew” Hot Chocolate Cube, which he hopes to carry at the new location. These small, flavour-packed cubes allow hot chocolate aficionados to make Koko Monk’s delicious cacao brews at home.

Paul Dincer at work

Kickstarter campaign backers will be among the first to try the new product. The cubes, available in three different flavours (Authentic, Turkish Mocha, Matcha Tea White Hot Chocolate), will be offered exclusively to backers as delicious rewards. Dincer has crafted enticing packages for a wide range of pledges, from $5 to $1,000.

Visit Koko Monk’s Kickstarter campaign page for updates and more info.

Unwatermarked images courtesy of Koko Monk Chocolates.

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