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With summer already in full swing, many of us have already taken or are about to embark on a road trip with family and friends.

We pack our bags in anticipation of hitting the open road, but one key aspect that can get overlooked is having the necessary tools for safe travel. A great place to start is with your tires.

Living in Canada, we’re well aware of the dangers of driving in winter. Between snow squalls and freezing temperatures, I think it’s a safe bet that we’ve become pretty accustomed to handling colder climates.

While we may be focused on vehicle winter prep, we tend to forget about making sure our cars are properly equipped for the remainder of the year — including summer. Michelin’s recently-released line of Premier All-Season Tires are well worth considering.

MICHELIN Premier tire MICHELIN Premier tires

Whether aiming for a weekend getaway or month-long adventure, planning that special holiday with your family isn’t always the easiest task (thumbs up for organizing goals!). The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your tires are up to the test.

With Premier tires, you can put those doubts to rest and attend to the things that truly matter.

What’s special about the Michelin Premier tires is its award-winning EverGrip Technology that focuses specifically on the grooves of your tires. This is where the Premier family of tires truly sets itself apart from competitors.

MICHELIN Premier tire

As these tires start to wear down, rain grooves expand to help with braking in slippery conditions, improving traction and decreasing your chances of hydroplaning on those long and winding roads.

Michelen’s revolutionary technology helps ensure your tires are safe even after a few hundred kilometres – a feat yet to be realized by any other tire company.

MICHELIN Premier tire

And Michelin doesn’t stop there. Premier All-Season Tire’s EverGrip technology helped win two coveted industry awards: 2015 Tire Manufacturer of the Year and 2015 Tire Technology of the Year. That’s one dependable tire!

Along the Dempster Highway

To keep those long trips comfortable for you and your family, it’s essential that the bumps and bends from the highway outside, stay outside, so whether you’re playing a game of I Spy or catching some much needed shut eye in the back, Michelin’s Premier family of tires ensure a smooth ride from start to finish.

And finally, the all-important question: Are we there yet?

This feature produced in partnership with Michelin Premier Tires.

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