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I recently flew to Mazatlan via Mexico City on Aeroméxico, Mexico’s national airline. Though I was upgraded to Clase Premier from Vancouver to Mexico City (and back), my flights to and from Mazatlán were in economy class.

Note that my first flight was after midnight, so it mostly consisted of checking in, boarding and getting to the business of sleep.

Aeromexico’s Clase Premier is offered aboard Boeing’s 737-800, 737-700, Dreamliners 787-8 and 787-9, as well as the Embraer 190.

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SkyTeam Lounge

Our overnight flight departed out of YVR’s Gate 53, right below the SkyTeam Lounge, perfect for a pre-boarding snack, drink and some reading time.

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SkyTeam Lounge access is included with a Clase Premier ticket.

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Cabin Layout

There are 16 business class seats aboard this Boeing 737-800, configured 2×2, each offering 39 inches of seat pitch.

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A pillow, blanket and ear buds are provided at each seat. Overhead circular lights are dimmed a soft blue — easier on the eyes, especially late at night.

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Behind each seat (and on the wall in row 1) are multi-language personal touch screens with a USB port.

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There’s a standard plug-in outlet below each twin seat as well as a pull-out remote for the music and gaming system.

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Note: When booking this particular aircraft, I would highly advise against reserving seats 1B and 1E (check Seat Guru for seat maps on your flights). The curtain continually whacks against your feet in both seats. It’s a design flaw that can certainly benefit from a quick rethink.

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The Clase Premier seats on this medium-haul flight to (and from) Mexico City have footrests in place of lie-flat seats.

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In-flight WiFi is provided via gogo.

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We’re offered a glass of orange juice or water prior to take off. Once we’re airborne, dinner is served (unexpected at that hour, especially the Aeromexico app mentioned a snack and breakfast service during our flight). I was amazed to see the majority of the passengers eating dinner at nearly 1 am!

I didn’t opt for dinner (too late at night) however the two choices were between salmon, salad and veggies or a ham and cheese croissant.

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[Onboard meal service en route to Vancouver]

From Mexico City to Vancouver, we had a choice of chicken or cheese ravioli. Portion sizes are decent; we were offered beer, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay or spirits to pair with the food and snacks.

Luggage, Check-in

As can be expected in business class, Aeromexico offers priority check in, boarding, luggage handling at both ends of the flight, plus an extra bag allowance.

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Salón Premier Mexico City

Bustling with a coffee/drink bar, buffet dining, seating, TV screens, shower room and massage services, Aeromexico’s Salón Premier is a haven for long layovers.

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For more details about Clase Premier service, visit Aeromexico online.

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