Ekster MagSafe Wallet

If you’ve got an iPhone 12 and want to get around town without a bulky wallet, Ekster’s new MagSafe iPhone cardholder is just the ticket. Amsterdam-based Ekster takes its name from the ubiquitous Magpie, aka tuxedo blackbird, found around the country (trust me, I lived there for eight years; they should be the national bird!).

Ekster MagSafe Wallet

MagSafe iPhone accessories have grown by spades since the technology came onto the 12 (plus 12 Pro and 12 Max).

Ekster’s MagSafe-compatible cardholder is made of premium, sustainably-sourced ECCO American hide leather and can accommodate three cards plus a few bills within its ultra-slim footprint (Apple’s own MagSafe card holder is 3mm thick; Ekster’s is 1mm).

Ekster iPhone 12 Card Holder-2

Once out of the sexy black embossed packaging, just load it up and let it magically click onto the back of your iPhone 12, even with a case on (mine was tested on an iPhone 12 with a clear Apple case). Also of note is the thumb slot to make for easy removal of the top card.

Ekster MagSafe Wallet

The card holder is compatible with iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max and would make an ideal Father’s Day gift! In black; USD $31.20

Ekster iPhone 12 Card Holder

Free shipping on orders over US $50/CAD $100 (shipping calculated at checkout for rest of the world). Visit Ekster online for the entire collection, which includes a wide range of wallets, card holders, laptop sleeves, iPhone cases, key holders and more.

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