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Last week, I was invited to a media preview of Earls brand new brunch menu. What finally got Earls to offer brunch? Constant customer requests! Brunch is now available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holiday Mondays until 2 pm, featuring a twist on the classic brunch offerings.

Earls Brunch Preview-2

Sourdough bread features prominently on the menu. Each Earls has its own starter (a highly-fermented little ball of yeasty dough that gives bread a greater complexity). In the case of sourdough bread, bacteria acts on the starch and proteins during this stage. Pre-ferments are commonly used in artisanal bread recipes.

Earls Brunch Preview-3

We also learned that sourdough contains more protein content than in other breads. Earls started in Edmonton in 1982. Since that time, the North American chain has grown to 65 restaurants, with the 66th to open in Miami February 2014.

All but a select few Earls are offering brunch, so it’s wise to check with the location you’re interested in dining at before heading out for brunch.

Alongside the brunch menu is Earls regular daytime menu. We sampled all but one of the dishes on the menu (granola and yogurt parfait, made with house-made flax, rolled oats, dried cranberries, sultanas, toasted almonds and pecans, with fresh berries).

Earls mini cinnamon rolls
[Starting off with Earls mini cream cheese cinnamon rolls]

Earls Brunch Croque Madame
[Croque Madame]

My favourite item of the bunch is the Croque Madame, with a rich flavour and slight heat derived from the serrano chili pepper.

Earls Brunch Chorizo + Mushroom Hash
[Chorizo + Mushroom Hash]

In the chorizo and mushroom hash, the potatoes are roasted, smashed, and then deep-fried for a crispy, decadent flavour.

Earls Brunch Signature Caesar
[Earls Signature Caesar]

Signature Caesars, mimosas, and wines are available (I chose a crisp white, while my fellow diners plunged right into the Caesars).

Earls Brunch Sourdough French Toast
[Sourdough French Toast]

Earls Brunch Frittata

Visit Earls online for menu information and locations.

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