Capilano Suspension Bridge-Cliffwalk-3

After previewing Capilano Suspension Bridge’s Cliffwalk attraction last month in the downpour, I felt a proper visit to the entire park was in order to greet the summer.

Capilano Suspension Bridge-Cliffwalk-16

Capilano Suspension Bridge-Cliffwalk

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I headed over the Lions Gate to take it all in: the Suspension Bridge, Cliffwalk, Raptors Ridge, and nature walks. As usual, the crowd started to get larger as the morning wore on. I hadn’t had the chance to visit the raptors until now.

Little Dude the Kestrel
[A Kestrel named Little Dude]

Seems like these agile creatures are being featured all over the Vancouver area. Not only does Capilano have a few Lower Mainland trainers on hand to show off their birds, but Vancouver Aquarium’s Birds up Close is now on until early September, as well as Grouse Mountain’s Birds in Motion show.

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Capilano Suspension Bridge-Cliffwalk-8

Capilano Suspension Bridge-Cliffwalk-6

I was again awed by Cliffwalk’s narrow paths and sweeping views high above the Capilano River. If you haven’t yet experienced Cliffwalk, now’s a great time to get an early morning summer visit in!

Capilano Suspension Bridge-Cliffwalk-9

Capilano Suspension Bridge and Cliffwalk are located at 3735 Capilano Road in North Vancouver. You can catch a free shuttle from one of five downtown Vancouver locations.

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