Kushi Oyster with Wild Salmon Roe

I’ve sampled many dinner items off of C Restaurant’s menu at past events in and around Vancouver, but hadn’t yet taken the opportunity to experience a meal in their dining room. If you’ve never dined at C, it’s a modern, split-level restaurant boasting beautiful views of the Granville Street Bridge, False Creek, and Granville Island.

Last Saturday, I was invited to preview C’s newly-minted brunch menu, set to launch this coming Easter weekend.

C Brunch Launch-21

I tasted a five-course menu served with Veuve Clicquot mimosas poured into colourful glassware.

C Brunch Launch-20

The first course was a Kushi Oyster and Wild salmon roe appetizer served on a bed of rock salt, with poached lobster and a cornmeal muffin with mild red pepper sauce.

C Brunch Launch-2
[Kushi Oyster with Wild Salmon Roe]

Poached Lobster with red pepper and cornmeal muffin
[Poached Lobster with cornmeal muffin and red pepper sauce]

An organic beet salad arrived next, which featured three types of beets: Candy Cane, purple, and yellow. Thinly-sliced watermelon radish and lemon sorbet married very well with the beets. The chefs cultivated their own herbs that were served on top.

Organic Beet salad with watermelon radish, lemon sorbet, cultivated herbs
[Organic Beet salad with watermelon radish, lemon sorbet, cultivated herbs]

In honour of Saturday’s Eggs Benedict Day, we were served Bennies on a homemade brioche fried in 100% duck fat, served with thinly-sliced Spanish ham, truffle and chives, crisp Prosciutto and a 120 minute poached egg. I’d never been served a runny poached egg but understood its raison d’être the moment I put my fork into it. The yolk served as its own beautiful sauce to everything else on the plate!

Eggs Benedict
[Eggs Benedict with homemade brioche, truffle, chives, Prosciutto and poached egg]

Our main course was Steak and Eggs. C’s Chef de Cuisine, Lee Humphries, dressed this traditional dish with tenderloin, potato, mushrooms, Dungeness crab, and poached quail egg in a red wine sauce. I was blown away by the amount of tastes at once, all working in this course.

Steak and Eggs
[Steak and eggs with potato, mushrooms, Dungeness crab, poached quail egg in red wine sauce]

To top off a delightful meal was Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream (a real taste of mint!) served in a mini coronet alongside candied oranges made by Harry Kambolis’ mother, Georgia. She later explained to me the lengthy process involved and I came to realize that for her, this is a labour of love!

Mint Chocolate chip coronet
[Mint Chocolate chip ice cream served in a coronet]

Chocolate-covered candied oranges
[Chocolate-covered candied oranges]

C Restaurant previously offered a brunch menu, but after a 10 year hiatus felt it was the right time to bring it back. Their outdoor lounge will be open for diners wishing a more casual visit with perhaps a drink and a few small plates.

C Brunch Launch-28
[Sous chef Wesley Young]

Champagne brunch items will include eggs, spot prawns (seasonal), steak, Dungeness crab, oysters, omelettes, eggs Benedict, and various salads. All dishes use organic eggs and meats, plus herbs foraged by C’s own chefs. Buttermilk Pancakes with strawberry cream, bourbon maple syrup, and lemon curd will probably draw me into their restaurant again sooner than later.

C is located where Howe Street meets the seawall (1600 Howe). Brunch will be served starting next Saturday, Easter weekend and will continue with service on weekends and holidays. Visit the website for menus and opening hours.

Lee Humphries, Chef de Cuisine
[Lee Humphries, Chef de Cuisine]

C Restaurant is part of the Kambolis Restaurant Group that also includes Raincity Grill and Nu Restaurant.

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