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Broadway, the heart of American theatre, has always been a hub for stories that resonate with people from all walks of life. Broadway shows often serve as an entrée to a world of emotion, drama, and life lessons.

Broadway’s coming-of-age stories can be both enlightening and transformative, particularly for teens and young adults at a crucial phase of their lives. These narratives spotlight young characters’ struggles, triumphs, and growing pains, offering relatable stories that can reassure young audiences that they aren’t alone in their journey to adulthood. 

Hell's Kitchen
[Hell’s Kitchen; photo by Marc J. Franklin]

Hell’s Kitchen, set in the gritty neighbourhood of the same name, uses the backdrop of this hard-bitten community to weave a tale of survival, growth, and overcoming adversity. The show is an excellent fit for a youthful audience as its protagonists navigate the challenges and complexities of their environment, much like young adults who are learning to navigate their own lives.

The Outsiders
[The Outsiders; photo by Matthew Murphy]

The Outsiders, based on S.E. Hinton’s famous novel, is another powerful coming-of-age narrative. The story revolves around a group of teenagers growing up in the 1960’s, struggling with class warfare, violence, and the importance of loyalty. This poignant and timeless tale of adolescence will resonate with teens, giving them a deeper understanding of the complexities of approaching adulthood.

& Juliet on Broadway
[& Juliet; Matthew Murphy photo]

& Juliet offers a fresh retelling of the classic Romeo & Juliet story. This time, however, it’s Juliet’s turn to take control of her fate. The musical serves as a powerful feminist coming-of-age tale, reminding young audiences, especially girls, of their strength and their ability to write their own life stories.

Roger Bart in Back to the Future
[Roger Bart in Back to the Future; photo by Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman]

Back to the Future is a musical adaptation of the iconic 1985 film. The plot revolves around Marty McFly, a high school student who accidentally travels back in time using a DeLorean car converted into a time machine by the eccentric Dr. Emmett Brown. With a score by Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard and a cast led by Roger Bart and Casey Likes, the show captures the spirit of the original film while adding a fresh, theatrical spin.

Back to the Future on Broadway
[Back to the Future]

Teens and young adults will love the thrilling time-travel plot and feel at home with the show’s universal themes. Marty grapples with issues of identity, responsibility, and the consequences of his actions, all while navigating the complexities of high school and teenage relationships. 

Broadway, with its powerful narratives and compelling characters, can play a crucial role in the coming-of-age process. Its stories of young people grappling with life’s challenges and evolving from them provide a safe space for teens and young adults to explore and understand their growing pains. Ultimately, these Broadway shows serve as mirrors, reflecting their experiences, emotions, and struggles, and also offer windows into different life scenarios, cultures, and historical periods.

Times Square

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