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New comedic talent bursts onto the Vancouver Fringe Festival stage this season as BEARS! In The City! presents Sorry ‘Bout That., a light-hearted romp chronicling the adventures of an urban bear. Accidents may happen, mistakes may be made, laughs will be had.
Cheerfully optimistic and whimsical, the play examines what happens when you take a bear out of the forest and introduce it to city life. Hilarity ensues as little bear tries her best to curb her natural instincts and overcome the challenges of being a bear in urban Vancouver. Sometimes she can do it…sometimes, not so much.

The play shows how situations humans take for granted appear so very different through the eyes of a bear trying to adjust to life in downtown Vancouver. A day at the shopping mall, a trip to a petting zoo, and adjusting to apartment living take on a whole new meaning leading to a series of unfortunate events and riotous results.
Sorry ‘Bout That. invites us all to laugh at the pure silliness and absurdity of bears in the city. “We hope everyone will have a good laugh as they reconsider the implications of the animal – human dialogue,” co-writer/director Julie Cohn says.           
“We wanted to make people laugh, but as hilarious as little bear’s adventures are, we’re also trying to bring awareness to an important and urgent topic. When humans encroach on bears’ natural habitats and undermine their food sources, it leaves bears no place to go but into our communities. Bears are being vilified, maimed, and killed as they increasingly find themselves in our new suburban sprawl through no fault of their own” said Cohn. 
As a first-generation Canadian, like so many Vancouverites, co-writer Anjali Rai notes, “We have all been the odd bear out where we may behave in a way that’s different from the norm but may be completely natural to us. In some ways, little bear’s journey is similar to the immigrant experience,” she added.
Sorry ‘Bout That.
Dates: September 6, 6:35 pm
September 7, 8:50 pm
September 8, 1:30 pm
September 11, 8:40 pm
September 12, 5 pm
September 14, 3:05 pm
Venue: False Creek Gym, 1318 Cartwright Street (Granville Island), Vancouver
Tickets: $10 weekday/$12 weekend (plus one-time $5 Fringe Festival membership); available online or at the Box Office, 1398 Cartwright Street on Granville Island.
*All advance ticket purchases subject to a $3 surcharge.

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