AlwaysOnline Wireless cards

Imagine having one tiny SIM card that you can pop into your smart phone and access speedy 4G LTE data in over 90 countries around the world!

AlwaysOnline Wireless cards

It’s now possible, via AlwaysOnline Wireless.

Contract-free, this global data SIM card will work on any unlocked smartphone, tablet or Wi-Fi hotspot (iPad users have the option of purchasing an Apple SIM if their model isn’t already embedded with one).

Their network uses multiple carriers in each country, so devices automatically connect to the strongest signal in the area, ensuring LTE coverage.

I’ve travelled around enough European countries to know what a hassle it can be having to purchase separate SIM cards for each stop.

AOW’s an ideal way to keep just one SIM card in your wallet (in its own handy plastic sleeve) and have the complete freedom of choosing plans by the hour, day or megabyte.

AlwaysOnline Wireless cards

The first step is buying AOW’s Global Data SIM card (USD $14.95; worldwide shipping available). The 3-in-1 card includes detachable standard, micro or nano sizes.

For iPads with embedded Apple SIM cards, you can purchase a plan directly on your device without the need to purchase a physical Apple SIM (otherwise, Apple SIM cards can be bought at any Apple store).


Here’s a current list of iPad models compatible with AOW:
– iPad (2017)
– 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro
– iPad Air 2
– iPad mini 3 and 4 Wi-Fi + cellular models

(All models must be running iOS 9.1 or later and must be used with an Apple SIM).

Next is checking to see what country/countries you’ll be visiting on the AOW website. A handy dropdown menu lists pricing for the three options mentioned above.

Once you’ve chosen a plan, just select a start day and time, duration and time zone, and once you land, the data’s yours.

AlwaysOnline Wireless cards

One important thing to note is that if you purchase a plan while in the same country and another plan is still active, data will be added to the remaining amount of the active plan. The plan expiration will be reset to the plan period in the new plan purchased.

We’re looking forward to getting around with the AOL card this spring and will update this post with our experience using it.

Visit AlwaysOnline Wireless online for details, pricing and country coverage.

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