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    Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-23

    Take four days in the mountains, craft beer, and lots of merriment, and you’ve just taken a peek into the past weekend at Whistler Blackcomb. The Second Annual Whistler Village Beer Festival got underway from September 11 to 14, with a gorgeous backdrop and lots of refreshment for all.

    Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-24 Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-7 Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-16

    Over 60 Canadian, US, and European breweries were on hand for the Main Event, with a special Gatecrasher Entry at noon for 500 folks who wanted a head start and literally no queues.

    Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-1

    A German oompah-style band kept the crowds entertained, a few food trucks and vendors served up pizza, Aussie meat pies, and Bavarian pretzels, while the Whistler Olympic Plaza was transformed into a gigantic beer garden complete with one-of-a-kind keg art and tabled seating.

    Keg art by Chad Depner Keg art by Andy Fenwick
    [L to R: Keg art by Chad Depner, Andy Fenwick]

    Our top 10 craft beer discoveries and faves (note my love for IPA):
    Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA
    Gigantic Brewing Company Ginormous Imperial IPA
    Ninkasi Brewing Tricerahops Double IPA
    Scuttlebutt Brewing Company Homeport Blonde Ale
    Scuttlebutt Brewing Company Hoptopia Imperial IPA
    Prohibition Brewing Bootlegger Ale
    Four Winds Brewing Pale Ale
    Postmark Brewing Saisonella
    Bomber Brewing Choqlette Porter
    Deep Cove/Whistler Brewing Collaboration ISA

    Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-8 Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-4 Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-10 Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-12 Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-15 Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-20 Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-22 Whistler Village Beer Festival-Main Event-6

    Congrats to 49 Parallel for Best Brewery Award and Old Yale Brewing (I’m guessing for the Sasquatch Stout) for Best in Fest honours! More photos of the Whistler Village Beer Festival Main Event can be found in my Flickr set.

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    Sampling a Spinnaker Pale Ale at Joe Wiebe's Craft Beer Seminar
    [Sampling a Spinnaker Pale Ale at Joe Wiebe's Craft Beer Seminar]

    The Second Annual Whistler Village Beer Festival has grown by leaps and bounds compared to last year’s inaugural one-day event. Held in Whistler Village over the past four days, both beer lovers and sunshine worshippers were out in full force to attend the events, many of which sold out long ahead of the festival.

    From beer seminars to dinner pairings, leading up to Saturday’s big event at the Whistler Olympic Plaza, there was ample choice of beer-related activities for all tastes and budgets. We began our adventures on Friday afternoon with Joe Wiebe’s Craft Beer Revolution seminar held at the Westin Whistler’s Mountain Room.

    Joe Wiebe aka Thirsty Writer

    Since 2008, Joe’s been exploring our province in search of quality craft beer. He recalls a memorable media trip to the Sonoma County wine region, surrounded by scenic landscapes, vineyards, and wine writers. By the second night of the trip, the other writers performed an intervention, collectively suggesting that Joe write about beer (as he seemed to enjoy discussing its merits). The idea stuck and in a timely way too: at the birth of BC’s craft beer explosion.

    Attendees were shown the proper way to savour a beer in hand:
    Look – Take note of the beer’s colour and opacity
    Smell – Is it strong? Hoppy? Fruity?
    Taste – How bitter and/or sweet is the beer? How does it feel in the mouth?
    Don’t Spit – This isn’t wine. Beer has to be swallowed for true appreciation (no argument there).
    Repeat! – Self-explanatory

    John Mitchell (often referred to as the grandfather of craft beer) moved from England in the 1950’s, having worked in the beer industry, and used to cask-conditioned beer delivered from the cellar. He became a bar manager, later witnessing beer strikes in the 1970’s; during that time, the only beer available in BC was from Olympia, Washington. Through frustration and limited beer choices, he decided to open his own brewery in 1980. Back in the day, there were no brewing manufacturers. John would develop his own brew, load seven kegs into his little Datsun truck each morning, needing to sell two kegs daily to break even. Each and every day he’d sell out of supply.

    Craft Beer Revolution by Joe Wiebe
    [Joe Wiebe's Craft Beer Revolution]

    Mitchell later helped to set up Howe Sound Brewery. Around that time, Island Pacific Brewing and Granville Island Brewery both opened, as did Spinnaker’s Brewpub in Victoria (their pub had four beers on tap). Fast-forward to 2003, when Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) was founded. Suddenly, cask-conditioned beer nights began to arrive on the scene. Soon after, Cascadian (Washington, Oregon, California) craft beers, Belgian, and German-style beers made their way up to BC, with more unique offerings on our liquor store shelves.

    Tap houses were next. The Alibi Room kicked off in 2006, starting as as restaurant, its owners researching breweries, eventually installing 50 tap lines, creating a mecca for craft beer lovers in Vancouver. By 2008, there were over 35 craft breweries in BC, capturing 6.5% of the niche market. In 2012, 50 new breweries opened, the percentage now up to 18%—a $175-million-dollar industry. By next year, Wiebe predicts that we’ll top 100 craft breweries in our province! Compare this with Oregon (200, 50 in Portland alone), Washington (200), and Colorado (300).

    What we sampled:
    Spinnakers Original Pale Ale
    Granville Island Brewing Hey Day Hefeweizen
    Driftwood Brewing Fat Tug IPA
    Old Yale Brewing Sasquatch Stout (this year’s Beer of the Year at the Canadian Brewing Awards)
    Four Winds Brewing Juxtapose Red IPA

    Barley and the Beast Deep Cove beer pairing dinner

    We then headed over to Grill and Vine for Deep Cove Craft Brewers and Distillers’ Barley & The Beast five-course beer pairing dinner. Held al fresco with a view of the setting sun striking the mountains, our group of 20 beer lovers and brewers gathered at a long table to enjoy a menu curated by Chef Scott Robertson and Sous Chef Charlie Wilson for the evening.

    Barley and the Beast Deep Cove beer pairing dinner

    Part of Grill and Vine’s Beer @ The Vine series, this dinner was arranged to coincide with the Whistler Village Beer Festival. Deep Cove also distills vodkas, a couple of speciality gins, and an absinthe at their Dollarton Highway facility in North Van.

    Barley and the Beast Deep Cove beer pairing dinner

    We started with a flatbread, gruyere cheese, and butternut squash plate, paired with Trapper John Lager, a nice, German-style lager, citrusy and light on the palate to kick off the meal.

    Organic Pemberton greens, candied walnuts, smoked cheddar, orange basil dressing

    The organic Pemberton greens went down nicely with our evening’s favourite discovery, Star Struck Rye IPA. The greens were heaped with candied walnuts and an aged cheddar crisp, in an orange-basil dressing, perfect to highlight their IPA’s tropical aromas and citrus-induced bitterness.

    Barley and the Beast Deep Cove beer pairing dinner

    The rye adds a sort of biscuit quality, enhancing the aged cheddar flavour, in turn bringing out some of the rye on the palate.

    Curried red snapper, almonds, mango chutney

    Next up, we had a small portion of curried Red Snapper, served with almonds, mango chutney, and Sun Kissed Tea Ale, a fruit-forward beer steeped with rooibos tea. It’s a nice beer to compliment the spice in Asian dishes, and we agreed its taste reminiscent of ‘summer in a glass’.

    Barley and the Beast Deep Cove beer pairing dinner

    A much more generous portion of braised beef short ribs, with Blue Clair cheesy potatoes, broccolini, and Morel mushrooms followed, paired with Deep Cove’s Loud Mouth Pale Ale. Think big malt, caramel, bold flavour, both on the malt and on the hop sides. This was a wonderful pairing with the short ribs, adding a rich texture onto my palate.

    Braised beef short ribs, Blue Clair cheese potatoes, broccolini, Morel mushrooms Barley and the Beast Deep Cove beer pairing dinner

    How to follow a delicious, beautifully-paired dinner such as this? How about a plate with panna cotta, coffee milk semifreddo, and a vanilla float with Smooth Criminal Nitro Stout. This one boasts oats and hop all the way through, with obvious chocolate notes derived from the malt. What a luscious ending to this meal, complete with conversation, lots of toasting, and smiles all around.

    Coffee milk semifreddo, panna cotta, vanilla float with Smooth Criminal Stout Whistler Village Beer Festival-13

    A big thanks to Deep Cove Craft, Grill and Vine, and especially to the Westin Whistler for hosting us during the Whistler Village Beer Festival. The hotel is very handy for walks into the village, features the Heavenly Bed sleep (which I’ve enjoyed on numerous occasions from Halifax to San Francisco), and a kitchenette, perfect for a morning cup of tea or light meal in between beer sampling!

    Westin Whistler, our home base during the Whistler Village Beer Festival

    The Westin Whistler is located at 4090 Whistler Way in Whistler, BC.

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  • Sep15

    JOBY UltraFit Hand Strap-1

    Looking for a lightweight, comfortable, adjustable hand strap for your DSLR? JOBY has the answer in the UltraFit Hand Strap with UltraPlate. I was recently sent one to test out for my Nikon D90.

    JOBY UltraFit Hand Strap-3

    The UltraFit’s easy to set up by threading the strap through the camera’s shoulder lug, then working the the thin strip up and over the ladder lock, tucking the excess back into the strap’s pad. The length will adjust to a comfortable distance between your hand gripping the camera and the strap.

    JOBY UltraFit Hand Strap-4 JOBY UltraFit Hand Strap-2

    The strap comes with an allen wrench to attach the UltraPlate to the bottom of your camera, and can accommodate DSLR’s with zoom lenses and battery grips, video cameras, and interchangeable-lens cameras.

    JOBY UltraFit Hand Strap-6

    At 58 grams (0.13 pounds), the strap will also work with a standard 1/4”-20 tripod mount as well as any Arca-Swiss quick-release system, bullhead or monopod. Via two additional 1/4″-20 mounting holes, you can use the UltraFit with a bottom-mounted sling camera strap (see my earlier reviews for JOBY’s UltraFit Sling Strap and Black Rapid’s RS-W1 Camera Strap).

    JOBY UltraFit Hand Strap-2 JOBY UltraFit Hand Strap-1

    Note: If you’re using various tripods on the go, keep the allen wrench handy. You’ll need to adjust the UltraPlate back and forth depending on your mount. I noticed this when using one of JOBY’s GorillaPods with the UltraFit Strap.

    It’s easy to get to all the controls on the camera with the strap attached. I did notice that getting to the flash card door means moving the strap a bit out of the way, whereas the battery door is easily accessible.

    JOBY UltraFit Hand Strap-7

    It feels solid in the hand and seemed to conform to my hand’s shape pretty quickly. I carry it in my Lowepro Passport Sling, ready to grab at and use for handheld shooting.

    The JOBY UltraFit Hand Strap with UltraPlate retails for CDN $49.99 and can be purchased via Daymen Canada and London Drugs.

    The UltraFit Hand Strap was tested on a Nikon D90 for the purpose of this review.

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  • Sep11

    Arc'teryx Gamma MX Jacket Seaglass
    [The Arc'teryx Gamma MX jacket in Seaglass]

    I’ve been looking for a comfortable, breathable softshell for Vancouver’s upcoming rainy/cool season, and found my answer in the Arc’teryx Gamma MX jacket. I recently wore it on a few local trails for a test drive.

    Arcteryx Gamma MX jacket-5

    The Gamma MX is cozy with a super-soft neck lining that will keep me warm during our soon-to-be chilly Vancouver days and nights. I’m also betting on getting a lot of mileage from this jacket on winter hikes and snowshoe outings once our local mountain peaks begin to whiten.
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  • Sep10

    Lovely Red Racer ladies

    The BC Beer Awards & Festival (BCBA) has become one of the most anticipated beer tasting festivals in the Lower Mainland. To cap off October’s BC Craft Beer Month, the event is set to return to the Croatian Cultural Centre on October 25.

    VCBW Rare Brews and BBQ-1

    Following on the heels of last year’s successful awards event, a few new elements have been added for even more sparkle! This year, there will be four Education Classes to choose from. The classes, taught by our industry’s finest, include Off Flavours, Malts, History of Beer, and Hops.

    The Oakwood Kits opening - drinks and craft beers on tap
    [BC craft beer represents at Oakwood Bistro]

    The festival organizers have also increased 2014’s class sizes to accommodate their popularity. Class tickets cost $15 each. Tickets for both the BC Beer Awards & Festival and the Education Classes are now on sale.

    VCBW 2012 Opener-24

    2013’s BC Beer Awards judging drew over 400 unique entries from over 40 BC breweries and brewpubs, with winners selected in 12 distinct categories. Judges included certified beer judges, cicerones, sommeliers, journalists, as well as noted beer and food lovers. The BC Beer Awards adheres to standards set by the internationally-recognized Beer Judging Certification Program (BJCP).

    Craft Beer Market Opening-20

    The mandate of the BC Beer Awards is to reward excellent beers—even if not brewed exactly to strict style guidelines. Secondary to this mandate is ensuring that every beer brewed in BC can be entered regardless of whether it fits into a particular style or not. Craft brewers across the province are well known for their innovation and creativity, something that the BCBA organizers aim to showcase.

    A few of the craft beers on tap at Luke's

    Visit BC Beer Awards online for more details.

    2014 BC Beer Awards & Festival
    Date: October 25, 4 to 9 pm
    Venue: Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
    Tickets: $27, available online at Early Bird pricing through October 10; $32 after October 10

    Get social!
    BC Beer Awards on Facebook
    BC Beer Awards on Twitter – official event hashtag: #BcBeerAwards
    BC Beer Awards on Instagram

    The BC Beer Awards & Festival is generously supported by Vancouver Brewery Tours, Chrislan Cermaics, Donnelly Group, Hops Connect, and Canada Malting.

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  • Sep9

    PHOTOGraphie banner

    From September 26 to 29, PHOTOGraphie, British Columbia’s only professional photography festival invites you to be inspired by diverse gallery exhibitions and learn from rich educational presentations at The Roundhouse in Yaletown.

    With something for everyone, PHOTOGraphie promises to inspire, entertain, and educate photo professionals and enthusiasts alike on all things professional photography. This community festival opens with a VIP private gallery reception and continues with free micro-talks for the public, hands-on workshops for amateurs, pros and videographers, and includes photos from the festival’s youth photography contest. One lucky youth will win a Nikon D3300 camera and lens. 

    Trevor and Faye Yerbury
    [Trevor and Faye Yerbury]

    Anna Beaudry, past PPOC-BC President, says “We are proud to welcome Trevor and Faye Yerbury as distinguished keynote speakers to the PHOTOGraphie mix! Their first ever workshop in Canada includes an appearance at the VIP private gallery reception, a free exhibition showcasing their work, and a full day educational program.” 
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    Vancouver Fringe 2013 logo

    Here we go with another round-up of my Five Fave Fringe Shows So Far for 2014. This year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival has 98 artists, over 800 performances, and 11 days to take it all in.

    This is my favourite time of the year to be in Vancouver (and it should be yours too!), with the Fringe Festival in full swing. Since moving to Canada nine years ago, I’ve been involved with the Fringe in one form or another.

    There’s so much quality theatre that often gets overlooked due to larger productions, out-of-town talent that doesn’t make it out this way, or the frenzy of events that call our attention week in, week out. The Fringe circuit is an excellent chance to take in these shows, often allowing for several in the course of one evening.
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  • Sep8

    Hanna Leireponty

    After its recent Park Royal Shopping Centre opening, Free People is coming to Vancouver with a Granville Street store in October. Park Royal’s new space covers 2,600 square feet, while Granville Street’s will fill 3,400 square feet with the American brand’s eclectic apparel.

    Free People Park Royal
    [Free People's brand-new Park Royal store]

    The openings mark Free People’s 98th and 99th boutiques across the United States and Canada, and will be the brand’s very first stores in BC. To celebrate Free People’s Vancouver launch, the brand has brought on local partners to offer giveaways and live events at both openings (Park Royal just opened on August 29).

    Vantown Sweeps
The Free People ‘Vantown Sweeps’ promotion is currently running through September 21, including four giveaway packages, each centered on a theme: The Makeover, The Night Out, The Escape, and The Taste of the Town.

    Prizes will include $100 Free People gift cards along with contributions from local partners Bioéthique Spa (The Makeover), Amore Natural Products (The Makeover), The Juice Truck (The Makeover), Mellifera Bees (Taste of the Town), Rogue Kitchen & Wet Bar (The Taste of the Town), Food.ee (The Taste of the Town), Steamworks Brewery (The Night Out), Guilt & Co. (The Night Out), and Rockwater Secret Cove Resort (The Getaway). Fans can enter to win the gift package of their choice. Visit Free People’s Vantown Sweeps page for more info.

     Alexandra Spencer

    On October 10 from 5 to 9 pm, Free People will celebrate the Granville Street opening with a “Taste of the Town” event in partnership with local food group Food.ee. Food.ee works with Vancouver’s best in class restaurants to enhance the corporate lunch hour by delivering sustainable and local meals to the workplace. They will be serving up mouth-watering fare from Vancouver faves The Juice Truck, Cartems Donuts, and Finch’s Market Café.

    The first 50 guests to arrive will receive a complimentary gift bag with goodies from Free People, Tarte Cosmetics, and Amore Natural Products.

    The store design concept at Granville Street is inspired by Free People’s globe-travelling girl and the collections that she curates and displays, while the Park Royal space mirrors the brand’s more rustic side with a workshop feel. Both spaces greet customers through custom steel storefronts with double entry doors and feature white-washed wall finishes throughout.

     Natalie Suarez

    At Park Royal, shoppers will find a stronger presence of rugged elements such as reclaimed wood and blackened steel, whereas Granville features two skylights flooding the space with natural light and hand-carved elements to play up Free People’s feminine side.

    Free People Park Royal is located at Park Royal Shopping Centre and is open Monday and Tuesday, 10 am to 7 pm, Wednesday to Friday, 10 am to 9 pm, Saturday, 9:30 am to 6 pm, and Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm.

    The Granville Street boutique will be located at 2624 Granville Street. Store hours will run Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm.

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  • Sep8

    The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller

    PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and CDm2 LIGHTWORKS are proud to present a one-night-only performance of The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller on Wednesday, November 12 at Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre.

    The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller is a “live documentary” created by Academy Award-nominated director Sam Green, who live narrates the film, accompanied by legendary indie band Yo La Tengo. Together, they set the stage for a remarkable evening exploring the life and times of R. Buckminster Fuller, the 20th century American futurist, architect, engineer, inventor, and author.

    Considered “one of the greatest minds of our times,” Buckminster Fuller (1895–1983) was renowned for his comprehensive perspective on the world’s problems. For over 50 years, he developed pioneering solutions that reflected his commitment to the potential of innovative design to create technology that does “more with less” and thereby improves human lives.
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  • Sep5

    Samuel Adams Summer Ale Pairing-1

    With BC’s Sockeye salmon population set to break all records next month (with an estimated 72 million salmon returning to our province’s rivers), we thought it the perfect opportunity to pair with grilled yams, potatoes, and a pint of Samuel Adams Summer Ale.

    Samuel Adams Summer Ale Pairing-2

    This light, refreshing, citrusy ale hits the lemon and olive oil we marinated the salmon with perfectly, working complementary flavors right through to the grilled yams and potatoes garnished with organic cilantro and parsley.

    We prepared the yams and potato combination with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, black and white pepper, oregano, and lavender, then wrapping them in foil and placing right on the BBQ for 20 minutes, turning the package each five minutes while the salmon was grilled at the last moment using the same ingredients for two and a half minutes on each side.

    Samuel Adams Summer Ale Pairing-3

    The yam’s sweetness was a great match for the beer’s citrus. We even noticed the crisp crust on our salmon working with the beer, and could also picture grilled prawns or halibut also working well with the Summer Ale.

    Samuel Adams Summer Ale Pairing-4

    While the Grains of Paradise impart a subtle peppery note and smooth aftertaste, the lemon worked nicely with the soft, grilled salmon steaks. Noble and Hallertau Mittelfrueh hop varieties are used to produce a light (5.3% ABV/7 IBUs) beer that’s perfect for a summer supper on our balcony.

    We found Samuel Adams’ Summer Ale at Darby’s Liquor Store in Kitsilano (the beer’s available at BCLDB stores). Stock up and get fishing!

    This is a sponsored post in partnership with Branding & Buzzing.

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  • Sep3

    Canadian Opera Company's Carmen
    [Photo by Gary Beechey; courtesy Canadian Opera Company]

    Vancouver audiences: get ready to be awed again when Georges Bizet’s Carmen returns to the Queen E for six performances from September 27 to October 5. The Vancouver Opera’s box office records were shattered five years ago when Carmen became the fastest-selling VO production in the company’s history.

    The gorgeous production, directed by Joel Ivany, takes place in late-1940’s Spain. The powerhouse international cast will include two sizzling-hot mezzo-sopranos alternating the title role: Kate Aldrich (September 27, October 2 and 4) and Ginger Costa-Jackson (September 28, October 3 and 5). Dashing tenor Richard Troxell will sing the role of Don José alongside Ms. Aldrich.

    Kate Aldrich Ginger Costa-Jackson
    [L to R: Mezzo-sopranos Kate Aldrich, Ginger Costa-Jackson]

    Carmen is a fiery factory worker arrested for assault. Don José is her dutiful guard. But when Carmen ignites Don José’s passion with her gypsy spell, his tragic descent begins. He deserts the army, abandons his family for a life of crime, and when Carmen discards him for a bullfighter, erupts with jealous rage to commit a shocking act of revenge.

    Uninhibited dancing in a smoke-filled tavern, songs pulsing with erotic power, sinister felonies in a mountain pass, murder outside a bullring—sensuous, astonishing, and irresistible, and once considered too sinful to be staged, it’s easy to see why Carmen is among the most popular operas in the world.

    Canadian Opera Company's Carmen
    [Photo by Gary Beechey; courtesy Canadian Opera Company]

    Ms. Costa-Jackson’s originally-slated Don José had to unfortunately withdraw recently following an automobile accident. His replacement will be announced soon. Esteemed Canadian conductor Jacques Lacombe returns to the VO podium for the first time since 2011’s Roméo et Juliette.

    Vancouver Opera's Carmen banner

    Vancouver Opera Presents Carmen
    Dates: September 27, October 2, 3, 4, 7:30; September 28, October 5, 2 pm matinée
    Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 649 Cambie Street, Vancouver
    Tickets: Available online or via phoning 604.683.0222

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  • Sep2

    Sea to Sky Gondola-Winemakers Dinner-6 Sea to Sky Gondola-Winemakers Dinner-3

    Over the Labour Day weekend, the inaugural Sea to Sky Gondola Winemaker’s Dinner got underway with a sold-out event high above Howe Sound. Summit Lodge’s Diamond Head Room, with incredible views out to the mountains and sea, served as the backdrop for a five-course dinner with wines by Oliver, BC-based, award-winning Desert Hills Estate Winery.

    Sea to Sky Gondola-Winemakers Dinner-2 Sea to Sky Gondola-Winemakers Dinner-1

    We arrived early to get our walking in while the weather was dry and the clouds and sun created glorious patterns onto the mountains. Here in the mountain microclimate, the scene was ever-changing in the late afternoon leading to a sunset through clouds that sent guests outside to take photos in between courses.

    Sea to Sky Gondola-Winemakers Dinner-4 Desert Hills winemaker Dave Toor
    [Dave Toor]

    Winemaker Dave Toor is part of a three-brother team (aptly titled Three Boys Vineyard) that head up Desert Hills. The family purchased the estate in 1989, with their first production in 1996. At present, their annual harvest yields 12,000 cases. Desert Hills is the first Okanagan winery to plant Syrah grapes (in 1995). Fast-forward to their international double gold-winning Syrah with 94 points.

    Desert Hills Gewürtztraminer was voted Canada’s Overall Best Wine of the Year in 2013.

    Smoked Albacore tuna, melon salsa Roasted beet salad, crumbled blue cheese
    [Top: Smoked Albacore tuna, melon salsa; Bottom: roasted beet salad with crumbled blue cheese/vegetarian option]

    We started with an appetizer of Albacore tuna with mango salsa including watermelon, cantaloupe, lime and lemon juices to bring out the tuna’s smokiness. This was brilliantly paired with a glass of ‘Helena’ Rose 2012. The other four courses were paired with Executive Chef Barbara Foster’s dishes.
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  • Aug29

    Food Talks logo

    Vancouver Foodster’s Food Talks series is back with Volume 11: Innovation in our Food Community.

    Meet and mingle with fellow foodies on Tuesday, September 16, when five speakers will be featured for an engaging talk about their passion for our food community. There will be a Q&A following the talk, allowing guests the chance to engage with the speakers.

    The evening will kick off with a cup of coffee or tea in the café, followed by the speakers at 7 pm. At 8:15, there will be a Q&A, with mingling and networking to follow. Food, wine, and other beverages will be available for purchase during the event.

    Here’s the lineup for Volume 11:

    Bomber Brewing

    Ken Beattie, Beer Educator, Eureka Beer Guide
    Ken’s passion for the beer industry started in BC in 1987 when hired as a summer student with Molson Breweries. Ken spent 10 years with Molson, beginning his sales career in Northern BC and finishing his tenure in Downtown Vancouver. As of July 2013, Ken is the Executive Director of the BC Craft Brewers Guild, representing half of the 70 owned and operated craft breweries and brewpubs in BC, with the aim of producing and promoting premium hand-crafted beers that are truly BC, showcasing the brewers’ talents on a global level.
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  • Aug28

    Kinesis Dance; photo by Chris Randle
    [Kinesis Dance; photo by Chris Randle]

    From contemporary and flamenco to belly dance and swing, the 13th Annual Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House offers the chance to sample a host of dance styles in a full day of free open classes, studio showings, and events.

    Participating companies and artists will include Shay Kuebler/Radical System Arts, Kinesis Dance somatheatro, Karen Flamenco, TomoeArts, as well as a diverse selection of local dance artists and companies working across many different dance traditions.
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  • Aug27

    Cell4 Eva Tavares Cell 5 Bronwyn Malloy
    [L to R: Cell 4 modeled by UBC Opera student Eva Tavares; Cell 5 modeled by Bronwyn Malloy]

    alumni UBC invites Lower Mainland fashion, art, and music lovers to Fashioning Cancer on Tuesday, September 23, a fundraiser in support of the Canadian Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Centre at UBC.
    Part of Western Living Design Week, Fashioning Cancer will feature the auction of 10 exquisite evening gowns designed as works of art to inspire conversations about cancer.

    Jacqueline Firkins, Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Theatre and Film, found colourful microscopic images of cancer cells and cellular systems inspiration for the gowns she designed for the auction.

    Cell 6 Rebecca Burks UBC
    [Cell 6 modeled by Rebecca Burks, UBC BFA Theatre Production & Design student]
    About the Fashioning Cancer Research Project
    The ten show-stopping ball gowns are part of a larger project entitled Fashioning Cancer: The Correlation Between Destruction and Beauty, an interdepartmental research project at UBC made possible through a Research Mentorship Grant from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies. Jacqueline Firkins discovered that many women who had battled cancer expressed a disconnect with the usual fashion imagery commonly associated with the disease, such as the pink ribbon, a signature fashion statement for breast cancer awareness. The aim of this project was to bring science and art together to encourage a more open dialogue about cancer, beauty, and body image as well as to generate artistic imagery closely connected to the disease itself.

    “My hope is that somehow through fashion, I more closely tap into what a woman might be feeling about her body as she undergoes the disease, but simultaneously reflect a strength, beauty and resilience, which are three words I would immediately ascribe to the women I know who have been through this harrowing journey”. – Jacqueline Firkins

    This important evening will feature:
    – Auction and ticket proceeds benefit Canadian Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Centre at UBC
    – Singer/songwriter and fellow cancer survivor, Bif Naked, will perform a live set
    – Cocktail party food and drink provided by Hawksworth Restaurant

    Fashioning Cancer gowns

    Fashioning Cancer Fundraiser
    Date: September 23, 6:30 to 9:30 pm
    Venue: Porsche Centre Vancouver, 688 Terminal Avenue
    Tickets: $100; available online

    Photos by Tim Matheson.

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