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Earlier this week, The Parlour Restaurant opened its doors for media and friends in Skoah Spa’s former Yaletown location at 1011 Hamilton Street.

Parlour interior tile design
[Photo courtesy of The Parlour]

As you step into the completely renovated space, an old-school white hexagonal black and white floor tile sign greets you. A fully stocked bar at the left nicely complements the tables directly opposite. A few steps down, and the restaurant reveals more tables and an open kitchen, with a custom-designed Woodstone pizza oven at the ready.

A few drinks to get started

Chefs work busily behind the counter, creating a dozen or so pizzas bearing fun and funky titles such as The Wreck, #Swag (hashtag included), Goldmember, and Zeus.

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The 100-seat lounge and restaurant serves comfort food dishes (with takeout on its way), light bites, salads, sliders, and sandwiches to suit a wide range of tastes.

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Brothers Sean and Chris Holland hail from Ontario, bringing their upscale, casual dining background with them to Vancouver. Former kitchen duties include the Cactus Club.

Sean worked as Head Chef for nearly four years, while Chris has spent many years in various roles within the restaurant industry, adding his skills to the Parlour’s menu concept.

Paul Rivas has 18 years of experience in management, currently working as both GM and Executive Chef of La Bodega, a well-loved local restaurant that has seen over 40 years of success.

The Parlour Yaletown-5

The room was packed with foodies, photographers, and diners all wishing to sample the Holland brothers’ menu.

Brocco: garlic, shallots, jalapeño, pine nuts, sweet soy sauce

I was happy to see big, steaming plates of broccoli, served in a sweet soy sauce, make its way around the room, along with the pizzas.

Salmon Tartare: Steelhead, seaweed, bonito, sesame seeds, macadamia nuts, ponzu aioli, micro cilantro

Parlour’s salmon tartare is piled high with steelhead, bonito, sesame seeds, macadamia nuts, ponzu aioli, and micro cilantro, giving a beautiful blend of flavours to the dish.

Roasted pizza: roasted chicken, roasted garlic, sun-dried tomato, basil, chili flake, mozzarella

My favourite pizza was The Roasted. Roasted garlic and chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, chili flakes, and mozza cheese. So perfectly prepared and delicious to bite into.

The golden age of bras at The Parlour

Several unique details add to the room’s decor. On my way to the washroom, I noticed a framed artwork filled with golden bras. Looking up, I spotted chandeliers, a collection of gold-framed mirrors, funky lighting, and a rack of wine against the wall.

The Parlour Yaletown-2

A good variety of wines are served both by the glass and by the bottle. Additionally, there’s seven beers on tap, large and small beers by the bottle, and the restaurant’s own crafted cocktails.

The Parlour Yaletown-1

I like the mix of industrial and cozy wooden and antique elements throughout the restaurant and hope to return to try the Artichoke: a pizza with artichoke, creamed spinach, parmesan, and mozzarella.

The Parlour is open from 11 am to midnight daily. Visit the website for detailed food and drink menus.


  • Comment by Teresa Graham — February 22, 2013 @ 1:04 pm

    This restaurant is something to look forward to when visiting Vancouver. We loved it, loved it, loved it! Coming from New York City, their pizza for us is over the top. And yes I would recommend the Roasted. But I’m sure the rest is equally good. The salmon tartare is to die for.
    Highly recommend.

    T. Graham

  • Comment by arianec — February 27, 2013 @ 9:37 pm

    I hope to get in there again soon too. Opening night was madness!

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