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Whether in town or on the road, it’s hard not to travel these days without a compact camera or smart phone. I recently reviewed a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition plus a handful of must-have accessories and mounts.

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This time around, I chose the XShot Pro camera extender, a sturdy telescopic pole (designed in Santa Barbara, California) that will accommodate a GoPro (or JVC and Sony pocket video cameras) or any point and shoot with a 1/4” camera mount screw.

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[What’s in the box]

I first unboxed the XShot Pro and fit it with both the GoPro Hero3+ and a Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital Elph, using the provided allen wrench. It’s easy to both assemble and disassemble the mountings. Just make sure you’re at a table or spot where you won’t run the risk of losing the tiny screw that attaches to the metal ball head.

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This extender weighs less than 7 ounces (198 grams) and collapses to 7” (17 cm), extending to 32” (81 cm).

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The XShot Pro’s heavy-duty construction incorporates aircraft-grade aluminum, and the rubber grip is very tactile, its bottom containing a loop to hold the adjustable wrist strap. It feels solid!

When your hands are full with setting up the wifi remote, it’s handy to have the strap fastened around your wrist.

San Francisco August 2014-2

From compact to fully extended, I had no trouble engaging the GoPro remote to shoot footage. I was able to dip the pole down, raise it high above my 5’4” height, and rotate the 360-degree ball head in a manner of angles for selfies as well as straight-ahead shooting.

San Francisco August 2014-1

This is an excellent solution for times when you’re on your own, away from the crowd, and you want to remember the moment — with yourself in that shot! The easily portable XShot Pro is also great for group shots.

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With a point and shoot, simply set the self-timer for photos or video and position the XShotPro with the camera lens at eye level.

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One of the things I liked most about this product is that it can be extended to any length. I was also glad to discover that the XShot Pro can be used in saltwater, as long as it’s thoroughly rinsed in fresh water after using. Having said that, read what Ryan of Pause the Moment had to say about using the XShot Pro in saltwater here.

I took the XShot Pro around Vancouver and San Francisco, to shoot a variety of angles and perspectives.

I did notice that when the stick is extended all the way, certain vibrations (i.e. when on a bridge) can cause slight shake in video output.

The XShot Pro retails for US $74.95 (I’ve seen it on sale in Canada via Amazon.ca) and comes with a warranty protecting against manufacture defects.

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An optional mobile phone holder at $6.95 will enable your iPhone or Android phone to be mounted either vertically or horizontally to an XShot, standard tripod, and other devices.

I was sent the XShot Pro for the purpose of test-driving for this article.

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