Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver

This summer’s been one long heat wave, finding everyone basking in the sun enjoying the outdoors, with stand-up paddle boarding, boating, beach time — and of course, baseball!

Don’t fret, there’s still a couple of weeks of summer left before “dreaded” September arrives. And since everyone’s yearning to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine, take the boardroom out to the baseball field with a Vancouver Canadians Nooner at the Nat.

von Rosen BBQ at The Nat-16

There’s still one more nooner left on Thursday, August 27. Kick back with two-foot long hot dogs, a beer and some clients (preferably on the rocking chairs on the brand-new hey y’all! porch), and start talking fall 2015 strategy or 2016 planning.

It’s a thoroughly relaxing environment, giving you a chance to hang out with key partners and clients, get to know them on a personal level and even chat informally about business. After all, business is about building relationships.  

The sushi rolls 

Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium has become a company favourite, with everything from the Hard Rock Casino barbecue area for team building and corporate events to the WestJet seating area where food and drinks are brought right to your seat. Or just join the packed stands, as everyone cheers on the home team along with the famous sushi mascots and dancing groundskeepers!

von Rosen BBQ at The Nat-37

Speaking of sushi mascots, 2015 was a banner year for the Vancouver Canadians, as the fourth sushi mascot, Sadaharu Soy, joined Chef Wasabi, Ms. BC Roll and Mr. Kappa Maki to race for gold in the sushi races.

This summer, The C’s also secured a long-term serving rights partnership with BC-based Northam Beverages, and baseball aficionados toasted to home runs with a widened selection of beers and ciders as well as the the newest seating area within Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium.   

Hey Y'all Porch

With a covered seating area and counter tops in front of each fan, the hey y’all! porch has quickly become one of Vancouver’s most enjoyable places to spend an afternoon or evening under the warm summer sunshine.

Catch a C’s game through August 30. Tickets can be purchased online.

See you at the Nat!

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