Wind noise has always been an annoyance to cyclists. Wind-Blox recognized the need for a solution and created a Kickstarter campaign to launch their flagship product.

We recently tested a pair of Wind-Blox Pro noise blockers, a great little helmet accessory that will block wind noise when speeding down hills and mountain roads. Simply attach them to your helmet’s front straps for a snug fit in front of your ears.


They’re pretty easy to attach via a bi-directional hook-and-loop closure, and they sit very comfortably due to thick padding on one side of the blockers.

For best results, ensure that the padding side of the wind blockers hugs your face tightly. At times, your helmet bike straps don’t sit straight; align both straps and noise blockers with the padding side towards your face before you put on your helmet. Even if the blockers turn around a bit, the other side is soft enough to avoid irritating the skin.

The first time I tried them going downhill, I noticed that most of the wind noise was gone, and I could more fully enjoy the ride, improve my steering and concentrate better on the road. The overall experience is that of a more relaxed ride without wind noise to distract or dominate your cycling adventures.

Wind Blox

These wind blockers not only help reduce wind-chill induced earaches, but also provide a bit of extra face protection should you happen to fall sideways from your bike.

They do appear a bit bulky; some cyclists may give you a surprised look as they try to understand how it is that your bike straps appear so thick and sturdy.

(Cyclists can be pretty particular when it comes to bike gear and accessories — they will appreciate these when you explain the benefits).


They are easy to wash and dry, and the Portland, Oregon-based company claims that they won’t come unglued, fray or matt either.

Wind-Blox come in a range of sizes and styles, including Wind-Blox Classic, Pro, Pro Short Strap, Pro XL and Wind-Blox Focus. Most models are available in black and a few in both black and silver.

We found them well worth the price point (starting at $16.95 for the Pro Short Strap). Visit Wind-Blox online for ordering and more info.

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