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My design studio often gets requests for quotes in all manners of design work. More often than not, a potential client doesn’t (yet) realize what is involved in the design process.

I’m happy to educate them and explain the process, one that involves a lot more than putting a digital design program to work and churning out something in an hour or two.


Asking a client the right questions to get your project underway sets the stage for an organized, productive project workflow.

What are the competitors doing? And what are they doing either right or wrong?

Conceptual work
First brainstorming ideas realized and prepared for the client

Client meeting for revision(s)
A good working relationship will call for at least a meeting mid-way through a project to make sure it’s headed in the right direction.

Knowing when a project is ready for sign-off
Is everything spelled correctly? Does the copy flow and make sense? Does the design solution carry over across all components of the project?

Pre-production and printer liaison
All electronic files in order, making sure that paper is in stock at the printer and that the press team can deliver on time and within budget

Final press check and delivery
Checking the file on press and making sure that the deliverables will get to the client either in person or through a courier service

Each one of these steps is necessary in order to get a successful product from brain to paper (or web).

When you work with a professional (as opposed to a student or someone claiming to be a designer), you’ll be working with someone who knows the ins and outs of marketing as well as possessing a creative flair.

The next time you seek a designer for a project, check their qualifications, view their professional portfolio, do your research, and understand that a quote encompasses a lot of thought and experience standing behind the completed work. There’s also a huge variance in both quality and pricing across design markets around the world.

Photo courtesy of firebrat on Flickr.

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