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With the holidays nearly here, it’s still not too late to add a unique gift under the tree or in a stocking (that won’t break the bank!). Be it a thoughtful item for a close friend or family member, colleague, child’s caregiver or your boss, Whisk Matcha has something for everyone. Add to that the health and lifestyle benefits of matcha and your loved ones will thank you.


A beautifully handcrafted 120-prong fine Black Bamboo Matcha Whisk (Chasen) is made from sustainably sourced bamboo with 120 prongs so you’ll whisk like a pro. $49

Yogi/Fitness Guru

The Organic Matcha On The Go Ceremonial Set is perfect for incorporating into a healthy lifestyle. $89

Matcha Lover

For that one person on your list who absolutely lives and breathes all things matcha, the Pinnacle Gold Single Gift Set makes a perfect (and impressive) addition to their collection. This beautiful set comes complete with artisanal Uji matcha and beautiful handcrafted ceremonial accessories (also available as a double set). $256

Whisk Pinnacle Gold
[Whisk Pinnacle Gold]

The Boss

Show your respect and appreciation this holiday season by gifting your boss the Whisk Pinnacle Gold. Sourced from Uji, Japan by hand, Whisk Pinnacle Gold is the highest-grade matcha available, enjoyed by tea connoisseurs around the world. $89

Secret Santa

Gift a package of elegantly-wrapped, perfectly sweet Premium Organic Matcha Shortbread Cookies at your office party gathering or Kris Kringle. These buttery shortbreads are made with wholesome ingredients such as organic butter, organic vanilla extract and natural cane sugar and are loaded with Whisk Ceremonial organic matcha. $17

Best Friend

Show your BFF just how much you appreciate them this season with the Whisk Organic Matcha On The Go Everyday Gift Set. This set is the perfect way to enjoy premium organic matcha everyday while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. $75

Whisk Concept Matcha Bottle


Show some sincere thanks and appreciation for your child’s teacher with the Whisk Concept Matcha Bottle. This 100% BPA-free bottle is the perfect way for them to stay hydrated while enjoying a matcha cold brew or smoothie. $20

Seasoned Collector

This beautiful, hand-blown authentic ‘Edo’ Glass Matcha Bowl (Chawan) would get any matcha fanatic’s instant seal of approval. Steeped in history, its design dates back to the Edo period to elevate the ceremonial enjoyment of matcha service. $106


Founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Kimmy Xiao, Whisk Matcha has established itself as a top purveyor of premium Japanese matcha sourced by hand and imported from the abundant tea fields of Uji in Kyoto. Following a meticulous and traditional grinding process used by matcha artisans for thousands of years, Whisk Matcha uses only high quality matcha in its products. Whisk Matcha embraces a vision to create a matcha community for those who value a healthy and active lifestyle.

Photos courtesy of Whisk Matcha.

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