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No matter what bag I’m actually taking on my travels, there’s always a core group of stuff that I never leave home without. In no particular order, here are seven of my fave (and what I consider necessary) travel essentials.

Travel Essentials-2


I recently got my hands on a pair of Bose QuietComfort 25’s and took them on a short hop last weekend to Seattle. Needless to say, this will come in super handy when snoozing (or getting some reading/work done) is in order.

Travel Essentials-7


When the air cabin cools down, I get my easy-to-pack scarf out and wrap up. I’ve used it on my knees, around my neck or over my shoulders to keep cozy on flights. This pretty pink infinity scarf’s from this past spring’s Roots collection.

Travel Essentials-5


These are both from JOBY and do the trick when wanting to get a self-timed shot or low-light capture on travels. They bend every which way and can clamp onto trees, fences and anything in between, folding up and stowing in a small compartment of my travel bag.

The larger JOBY GorillaPod comes with a leveler and can transform from a GoPro to a DSLR or compact camera mount in minutes.

Travel Essentials-3


Noise-reducing 32-rated Laser Lites are life-saving when it comes to flights and loud hotels alike. If you don’t have the luxury of travelling with noise-cancelling headphones, consider packing these at the very least.

Travel Essentials-4


Mine’s a PowerTrip, a lightweight USB-based charger that will charge a variety of gadgets either via plug or solar power. The cable set doesn’t include the Apple Lightning to USB cable, so the item below has become indispensable (and fits in the side of the included pouch).

Travel Essentials-1


I’m not sure the technical name for this as it was given to me at a Western Digital party during CES, but I am over the moon with its portability! Everything’s here: micro USB, Lightning, USB, Apple 30-pin.

Travel Essentials-6


These go into my day pack as well once I land. Pretty obvious, but it surprises me to see how many people still travel without a bottle of water!

KEEN Taylor messenger bag

What are some of your travel must-haves?

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