Vancouver's Inaugural Vegan Week

Vancouver’s inaugural Vegan Week kicks off today through March 1 and with that, several city restaurants have created some yummy menus to celebrate all things vegan.

All four Nuba locations (Mount Pleasant, Kitsilano, Gastown, Yaletown) plus Tacofino, Beetbox and Bandidas Tacqueria have each crafted a vegan menu for the week.

Nuba Yaletown
Kibbeh La’teen: Sautéed baby greens, chickpeas, onions and sumac stuffed in a shell of cracked wheat, butternut squash and baharat spices. Served with roasted red pepper and walnut dip. ($13.95)

Nuba Kitsilano
Cashew and Date Cake: Cashews, coconut cream, date reduction and rosewater, on a crushed gluten-free shortbread. Served with fresh fruit. Gluten Free ($8.95)

Vancouver's Inaugural Vegan Week

Nuba Gastown
Filfil Mahshi: Roasted peppers stuffed with tempeh hushwie, basmati rice and r’as al-hanout spices. Served with a side salad and spicy orange tahini. Gluten Free. ($17.95)

Nuba Mount Pleasant
Hurrak Osbao: Lebanese style pasta with pomegranate-tomato sauce, lentils, fresh cilantro and mint, toasted walnuts and crispy onions. Gluten Free. ($17.95)

Seitan Fried Chick-Un Sandwich: An instant plant-based, comfort-food classic combining breaded and fried seitan, miso ‘aioli’, iceberg lettuce and spicy pickled cucumber. ($9)

Vancouver's Inaugural Vegan Week

Tacofino Gastown
Vegan Lentil Burrito: Red chorizo-style tofu, cabbage and kale slaw, vegan chipotle mayo, black beans, cucumber relish and pickled pumpkin. ($12)

Bandidas Taqueria
Vegan Cecil’s Salad with Tempeh: An abundant tortilla salad with roasted corn, black beans, fresh-cut tomato salsa, tempeh, Daiya cheese and crushed tortilla chips on a bed of green leaf lettuce and dressed with house-made lime avocado dressing. ($17)

Vegan Week is a collab between Vancouver and Portland, OR. Visit Vegan Week online for the latest details.

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