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One question I’m asked from time to time is how to get started with a website. What I do know is that choosing a good web host really does matter. I’ve been using Doteasy as my web host for over five years and give them kudos for their personalized support.

Based right in Burnaby, BC, it’s a delight to know that I’m speaking to a local support team member in the same time zone, not to mention even enjoying the same weather! On top of that, I can count on them to power Vancouverscape with reliable, high-powered service.

Most recently, I’ve switched to Doteasy’s Business Hosting plan to keep up with the demands of this ever-growing website. Spoiler alert — I’m loving it and not going back!

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My Story

For years, I had been subscribed to an economical shared hosting plan that had been working great for me until recently — but I was starting to outgrow its resources. Thanks to my lovely readers, my traffic has grown considerably over the years.

On top of that, I add high quality graphics and new articles to my website almost daily. On a shared hosting plan, there was a continual battle for resources between my growing traffic, my constant addition of new content and other websites sharing the same server.

With all of this heavy website usage, I was getting notifications that I was hitting my hosting resource limits, which could potentially lead to consequences to my site’s performance.

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Most noticeably, as Vancouverscape is built using WordPress, I was experiencing slow loading times on my WordPress dashboard every time I logged on to add new content or to make updates to my site — incredibly inconvenient and frustrating to say the least.

When I gave Doteasy a call, they looked into the problem, and noticed that I had already implemented some great optimization techniques (making use of caching/static plugins, optimizing my files and images). This could explain why you lovely readers may not have experienced any slow loading times on my site.

Nevertheless, this meant that it was time to take some real action and increase the overall hosting resources for my website.

The folks at Doteasy recommended their Business Hosting Plan, which includes more CPU cores, fast SSD storage and more than 5X the resources as my original hosting plan. Translation = way more resources to increase Vancouverscape’s performance.

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The Migration Process

My main concern about switching to the Business Hosting Plan was whether my website would experience any downtime. Vancouverscape would need to be moved to an entirely different, upgraded server.

I’m happy to report that I was able to sit back while the entire migration was taken care of, and my website experienced no downtime at all. The Doteasy tech team was able to do a seamless migration so that my website could be accessed at all times.

Doteasy Award-Winning Support

Smooth-Sailing Hosting

The result? Incredibly fast performance each time I add new content! Now, when I add new posts, I no longer have to wait an eternity for the dashboard to load. I love the peace of mind that comes from having enough website resources to handle all of my newly-added content and heavy website traffic.

I also love knowing that the Doteasy team can handle not only my hosting questions, but my WordPress questions as well, should they ever arise. One thing I can say about the entire experience is that switching to the Business Hosting Plan is worth it. I highly recommend Doteasy for worry-free service and reliable, smooth hosting.

This post produced in partnership with Doteasy.

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