TwelveSouth TimePorter

What began as a search for a dust-free space to store my Apple Watch bands has turned into discovering a very handy, well-designed product by TwelveSouth: the TimePorter. We’ve been fans of TwelveSouth for years, having previously reviewed their BookArc MacBook Pro stand, Fermata headphone stand, Compass iPad stand and HiRise iPhone stand.

TwelveSouth TimePorter

TimePorter for Apple Watch is both a case and a stand that holds your charging cable, extra watch bands, small USB charger and more in a neatly designed, silicone-lined case. The case is shaped much like a hinged sunglasses case.

TwelveSouth TimePorter
[What’s in the box]

The interior has a lining made of a similar material to the cable winder, to avoid scratching the watch. TimePorter’s cable winder can accommodate Apple’s two-meter charging cable (or the one-meter smaller version that came with my Apple Watch Series 5, shown in photos below).

TwelveSouth TimePorter-2

The red branded silicone disk pops out to reveal an opening for the Apple charging “puck” (that sits nice and flush with the case). The TimePorter is designed to grab the beginning of the cable and thread it through below the disk, leading into the cable winder part of the case.

TwelveSouth TimePorter-7

Since both ends of the case have openings, you can connect the cable to Apple’s 5W charging adapter on either side, or connect a small USB charger (that will also fit inside) for a fully-independent charging station.

TimePorter neatly spools the cable and feeds out just enough to reach the nearest outlet.

TwelveSouth TimePorter

I no longer own one of those smaller USB chargers but the photo will give you an idea of fit. Generally anything fewer than 10 cm (4”) long and less than 2.5 cm (1”) in diameter will work.

TwelveSouth TimePorter-6

With your Apple Watch resting on the TimePorter, you can open the case to your preferred angle and TimePorter transforms into a display stand, perfect for viewing notifications and time of day.

Key Features

– Compact travel case for your essential Apple Watch accessories
– Holds magnetic charging disc, power adapter and extra bands
– Built-in spool neatly manages extra cable while charging
– Opens to create a multi-angle travel charging stand
– Vegan-friendly synthetic leather case

TwelveSouth TimePorter-3

TimePorter Specs

Height: 4.2 cm (1.65 inches)
Width: 7.5 cm (2.95 inches)
Depth: 17.9 cm (7.05 inches)
Weight: .13 kg (0.28 lb)

TwelveSouth TimePorter-4

I can’t wait to get travelling with this tidy case, but for now I’m enjoying having it on my desk plugged into a power strip. I can always grab a new band and charge the watch at night.

One thing to note: the photo at the start of this article shows an Apple Watch wrapped neatly around the case.

TwelveSouth TimePorter-5

I own a 40mm watch and even the longer of the two sport bands, when put on the watch, won’t allow the band to fully close to replicate that look, but it’s easy enough to wrap both ends of the band on the case and leave it at that.

TwelveSouth TimePorter-2
[Apple Sport Loop charging on the TimePorter]

As soon as you place the watch on the charger, it works, no matter whether in horizontal or Nightstand orientation.

TwelveSouth TimePorter

With a one-year warranty, the TimePorter retails for CAD $59.99/USD $49.99 (ships for free within the US). In Canada, find it online at and at jump+.

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