Fermata headphone stand

Since 2009, Twelve South has built a tidy reputation for its line of quality accessories built especially for Apple. Since Apple’s bold move to eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack from its latest iPhone 7, wireless headphones are predicted to grow in popularity. 

Fermata headphone stand

Twelve South announced the first charging stand exclusively for wireless headphones in November when Fermata made its debut. Although convenient, wireless headphones require charging which can take up valuable real estate on a desk and hog a USB port. The stylish Fermata is made for neatly showcasing over-the-ear headphones while providing a convenient place for them to juice up.

Like the rest of the Twelve South product lineup, the Fermata stand is designed with attention to detail and purpose. The stand arrives in a sleek box in five simple pieces: an anodized aluminum stand, a heavily-weighted base, a flexible rubber micro USB cable, a two-meter charging cable and an earbud hook. The metal stand boasts a contoured leather saddle to protect your headphones.


Requiring only a single hex screw, the stand is quick and easy to assemble. 
The Fermata can charge any accessory that accepts a micro USB, opening this product to non-Apple gear. The zipper-like cable tucks invisibly into the back of the stand when not in use. 


The charging cable inserts into the base and any excess can be wound around the well of the soft rubber underside. Next to the charging port is an additional USB A outlet where an extra cable can be plugged in to charge phones or other accessories while managing cable clutter, adding additional functionality to the stand.
In my case, this feature was indispensable because I don’t own Apple headphones. My Skulllcandy Hesh 2, unlike most other wireless headphones, has a concealed charging port behind the top of the ear cushions. 


The zippered cable is too short to reach my headphones when perched on the non-slip leather saddle. However, they can either sit nicely on the adjustable earbud hook or be charged from a longer USB cable. 

If your headphone port is located at the bottom of the ear cushions, you shouldn’t have this problem. Instead, the earbud hook can be used to drape your wireless earbuds while charging or to wind up the cord of wired headphones. 

The zippered cable is long enough to conveniently reach a nearby cell phone. This dual charging capability is a must-have convenience for gadget-laden people and reduces desktop clutter.


Available in silver and black, the Fermata Charging Stand makes a unique gift for anyone with wireless headphones but Apple aficionados will especially appreciate its intuitive design.


Tagged at USD $79.99 on the Twelve South site, the Fermata seems pricier than other conventional stands. Considering the quality craftsmanship and sleek functionality, the Fermata is an investment worth considering if you (or someone on your gift list) own high-end headphones.

Top two photos courtesy of Twelve South. Remaining images by Cora Li.

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