Twelve South HiRise Pro, Vancouverscape

Twelve South, creators of Apple-friendly design accessories, always seem to have a great solution for any workspace or travel demand.

We’ve checked out many of their products in the past and with back to school and autumn right around the corner, we decided to spruce up our desk with the BookArc and HiRise Pro for iMac and displays.

Twelve South sent us both as I currently have a MacBook Pro parked on the arm of my good old, trustworthy Apple Cinema Display.

Twelve South BookArc


A vertical desktop stand meant to maximize desk space, the BookArc for MacBook comes with three inserts to accommodate MacBook Pro retina, MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pro (USB-C). It’s really easy to remove and replace the inserts and they’re clearly marked with a sizing chart included in the user guide.

[What’s in the box]

Twelve South BookArc

In addition, you can use the BookArc to elevate and store Wacom tablets, Apple wireless keyboards and other desktop accessories. The sleek profile looks great on my desk.

BookArc cables

On each end of the BookArc is a clever cable catch that not only organizes but prevents cables from slipping off the desk when you disconnect them from your devices.

The BookArc comes in Space Grey and Silver to match your laptop and retails for USD $49.99/CAD $59.99 (via Best Buy).

Twelve South HiRise Pro

HiRise Pro

Ever wanted to stow external hard drives and add height to your iMac or external display? The HiRise Pro gives your monitor a height boost (up to 4”) and reduces desk clutter. The unit comes with two magnetic fronts in walnut and gunmetal grey to match your gear and space.

Twelve South HiRise Pro

HiRise Pro supports the current lineup of iMacs, the new iMac Pro and high-end 4k/5k displays (with a base width of 10” or less).

Twelve South HiRise Pro

Inside the HiRise Pro (depending on the shelf height you slip the arm of the display into) is room to stow a couple of external hard drives, and the padded leather top is ideal for a smart phone, iPod Shuffle or other small items.

Twelve South HiRise Pro

The front grille is vented to allow air circulation inside for hard drives and the back of the unit is open on the bottom to allow cables to flow down to your power strip.

Twelve South BookArc, HiRise Pro

My MacBook Pro is now nestled inside a BookArc and I’ve placed my trusty (older) Apple Cinema Display inside the HiRise Pro.

Installed Shelf Height

Shelf 1: 23mm (0.9 in.)
Shelf 2: 45 mm (1.77 in.)
Shelf 3: 67 mm (2.64 in.)
Shelf 4: 90 mm (3.54 in.)

HiRise Pro Dimensions

Height: 11.5 cm (4.5 in.)
Width: 25 cm (8.84 in.)
Depth: 25.4 cm (10 in.)
Weight: 3 kg (6.7 lbs.)

Twelve South BookArc, HiRise Pro

The only gripe I have with my new space-saving setup is having to take the MacBook Pro out of the BookArc each time I want to power it on (I like to power my system off whenever I leave the office and at night).

Having no way to power up my laptop via the Cinema Display makes me (almost) want to go out and buy a new iMac but for now, I’ll live with this third-world problem. In the meantime, I’ve gotta hand it to Twelve South: they make some pretty robust, imaginative products for everything Apple.

HiRise Pro retails for USD $149.99. Twelve South products are available online and via Apple Stores across North America.

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