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Visitors to the lively Turkish resort town of Kuşadasi have discovered a new tourist attraction after hundreds of homes were given a splash of colour as part of a major community project carried out by Dutch paint company AkzoNobel.

Over 400 homes are being revitalized in the city’s Tepe neighbourhood perched high up on a hill. Nearly 200 homes have been painted so far, with work on the remaining buildings scheduled for completion by April 2019.

Located on Turkey’s western Aegean coast, Kuşadasi is the country’s busiest cruise port – and the brightly coloured buildings are pulling in more tourists.

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Commenting on the transformation of the town, Kuşadasi Mayor Özer Kayali stated, “This is a crucial location for us, as it’s the first place seen by tourists when they arrive at Kuşadasi port. It makes for a striking panorama, which is why we believe this project will make a great contribution to our community.”

Kuşadasi is a coastal gateway to the nearby ancient city of Ephesus, however the strikingly vibrant Tepe neighbourhood is now giving it a run for its money as residents revel in their revitalized surroundings.

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It’s been so many years since my visits to Ephesus and Kuşadasi that I’d likely be rediscovering these two cities again, and now one of them is rainbow-coloured to boot!

“We’re delighted that our passion for paint is helping to uplift local communities and create happy homes in and around Kusadasi,” added Rainer Schmidt, Global Director of Consumer Marketing for AkzoNobel Decorative Paints. “It makes us really proud when we see the difference our products can make.”

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This is Marshall’s seventh project under the Let’s Colour banner since the program first became active in Turkey in 2010. Carried out in partnership with the local community, the Venuart Group and the Kuşadasi municipality, the ongoing project involves over 50,000 liters of Marshall paint.

A similar project was carried out in 2015 by Marshall, when several buildings on the world’s first colonnaded street were painted in the historic neighbourhood of Hatay (also in Turkey).

Other high profile transformations include the company’s Coral brand repainting of over 100 homes in Recife, Brazil as well as the entire town center of Sortland, Norway, painted in various shades of blue using AkzoNobel’s Nordsjö brand.

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