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I wrangled with whether to include this on my site. While most of the world continues to show anger and disgust towards President Donald Trump, in his own country there are still ardent supporters of his agenda and tactics to “Make America Great Again”.

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Battling a most annoying cold wasn’t ideal for heading out into a chilly late February Vancouver afternoon. But I felt it my civic duty to show up and lend my support, if even for a little while.

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To be transparent, I had been invited to the media ribbon-cutting ceremony inside the hotel this morning (with members of the Trump family on hand), but I just couldn’t do it.

Trump Tower Vancouver protest-3

Attending that opening to give Trump publicity in any shape or form goes against my moral fibre. I heard that media weren’t allowed to ask questions during the opening – no surprise there – but the way Trump’s been handling media turns me off more than stepping inside his tainted hotel does.

Trump Tower Vancouver protest-9

Here are a few photos of today’s protest rally. There’s also a protest march happening right now at Jack Poole Plaza until 7:30 pm. As they say, “Build it, and they will come” — in this case, to protest.

Trump Tower Vancouver protest-6 Trump Tower Vancouver protest-10 Trump Tower Vancouver protest-4

What are YOUR thoughts about having Trump’s name in our multicultural city? Leave a comment!

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