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As we embark on a new year, G Adventures has dug into its data to reveal what travellers are looking for as the world cautiously opens up again. While there’s still uncertainty in terms of changing requirements for travel, one thing is clearer than ever – travellers have changed. 

“These trends point towards a seismic shift in travellers’ habits. It only takes a small number of people to make a huge difference, and travellers are finally seeing how smart choices can positively benefit local people, and deliver a richer travel experience at the same time,” according to G Adventures Founder Poon Tip

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Community tourism is the solution to responsible travel.
Close to a third (28%) of respondents polled for the G Adventures survey say they focus on travelling responsibly in 2022. With increased attention on community and support of locally-owned businesses fostered during the pandemic, it makes sense that this mindset would cross over into international travel plans.

Travellers care most about supporting locals.
67% of Canadians mentioned that their money should benefit local populations. This trend has been intensified by the impact of the pandemic on countries who rely on tourism for their economic survival, and came in well ahead of other important considerations such as minimizing one’s carbon footprint and/or reducing plastics consumption (both at 15%). 


Workations increase in popularity.
As the world shifted to remote working, companies realized that office confines were no longer required to ensure productivity. Previously the domain of the digital nomad, ‘workations’ have hit the mainstream. 20% of respondents say they are able to work from anywhere – with that number rising to 46% for those aged 18 to 34.

Hostels will make a big comeback.
The need for social connection amongst young travellers is stronger than ever with 63% of respondents aged 18 to 34 saying they were likely to try a hostel experience following the pandemic. 71% of that same group added that meeting people at a hostel (for potential travel partners) is the most important factor when selecting one. 

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Travellers want to disconnect from their devices.
Workationers aside, while travellers want to reconnect with people and places, they are desperate to disconnect from the online world while on holiday. 55% of Canadians want to take time out from their devices and social media, with 23% saying socializing and meeting new people will be their top well-being priority when booking their next holiday. 

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Travellers will have a bit more cash to splash.
20% of travel-starved respondents said they had increased their travel budget for their next international holiday, which means their travel dollars are likely to take them on bigger adventures than they might have thought possible before.

The staycation is over – travellers want to go further afield!
The domestic holiday appeal has worn off as the pandemic drags on. Only 15% of Canadians claimed that they’d rather stay closer to home as opposed to heading further afield on their next international holiday; one third polled stated that they were less likely to take a ‘staycation’ in 2022.   

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Lockdown life has led to a desire to be more active.
While 72% want to be physically active on their next holiday, 66% of travellers polled saying their physical and mental well-being is a top consideration when booking a holiday.

Travellers are prioritizing their well-being and mental health.
With an overwhelming 94% of travellers declaring that travel is important to their well-being and mental health, travellers are also looking to take their next holiday in a way that not only helps them to reconnect, but optimizes travel as a means of revitalization, too.

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Revenge travel is out, reconnection travel is in.
Consumers are hungry for new experiences and connections. Although the term ‘revenge travel’ – the urge to travel to make up for lost time in lockdown – gained popularity over the course of the pandemic, reconnection travel is the top reason for travelling at 41%, with revenge travel coming in at just 9%.

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