This Is Something Else: Consciously Eclectic Histories of the Arts Club

This Is Something Else: Consciously Eclectic Histories of the Arts Club, a new five-part podcast that travels through over five decades of Vancouver’s theatre scene, is about to be unleashed.

Created and hosted by documentary theatre-maker Andrew Kushnir, and inspired by investigative podcasts like This American Life and Nice White Parents, the Arts Club-commissioned project takes a distinct approach to history.

This Is Something Else focuses less on dates and events, and casts a focused eye (and ear) to the complex relationships between people, places and big ideas. The first weekly episode will be released everywhere podcasts are available on Wednesday, April 7.

Over the course of five episodes, Kushnir will explore a wide range of themes and topics, culled from over 72 hours of original interviews with 43 artists, historians, administrators and patrons. Featured guests and interviewees include Bill Millerd, Anosh Irani, Kim Collier, Morris Panych, Donna Wong, Ann Mortifee, Omari Newton, Jerry Wasserman, Marcus Mosely, Katrina Dunn and many others.

As well, he’ll dive into the cultural forces that have played a hand in forming the Vancouver professional theatre ecology, be it the counterculture movement of the 60’s, the city’s real estate market, artists’ relationship to the land, or the global pandemic we currently find ourselves in.

The public is invited to phone in at 1.888.318.8628 x 278 to have their say in the Arts Club Theatre’s history! Leave a voice mail at that phone number and mention a show that changed your world view, good or bad, or simply something that inspired you in our theatre community. Your voice just may appear on a future episode of This is Something Else.

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