Just back from vacation, I missed the recent Vancouver Whitecaps FC logo redesign launch fanfare. As a designer, I couldn’t resist having a closer look and weighing in with my own two cent’s worth.


1. What happened? The current logo has rounded lines and an organic shape to it that screams both sport and living near the sea. The new lines are cold and rigid, leaving behind any semblance of community or inclusion.

2. Where did the soccer ball disappear to? Are we selling a sports team, or a mountaineering resort?

3. The good part? The word Vancouver has been added to the logo, as has of course the “FC” affiliation. Why not keep the existing logo and incorporate those new text elements?

It takes a great deal of research, thought, and brainstorming to create a successful and captivating logo identity. While I don’t argue that the team behind the design put in their studio time, it would have been nice to have seen improvement in the end result.

Vancouver’s now on the pro-soccer world stage and the Whitecaps organization is equally deserving of a fabulous look to match their team’s talent! Anybody else have any thoughts either way regarding the new logo?

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