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Broadway is the heart of the American theatre industry, a place where stories are brought to life on stage by some of the most talented creatives in the world. And in 2024, Broadway is once again set to redefine the boundaries of the theatrical landscape.

Broadway’s 2024 season features two shows that adapt classic literature for the stage: The Great Gatsby and The Outsiders.

Jeremy Jordan as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby
[Jeremy Jordan as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby; photo by Matthew Murphy, Evan Zimmerman]

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic work, is being brought to life with Jeremy Jordan and Eva Noblezada leading the cast as the iconic couple of Gatsby and Daisy.

The stage design, with extravagant sets by Paul Tate dePoo III and costumes by Linda Cho, transports audiences back to the Jazz Age. The score, composed by Grammy winner Jason Howland, is expected to add a contemporary touch to the classic.

The Outsiders
[The Outsiders; photo by Matthew Murphy]

Meanwhile, The Outsiders, an adaptation of S.E. Hinton’s celebrated novel, explores themes of societal inequality and the tumultuous journey of coming-of-age. Directed by Danya Taymor and starring Brody Grant as Ponyboy Curtis, the production strikes a balance between raw emotion and nuanced storytelling. 

The Notebook
[The Notebook]

Love stories are always a hit with Broadway audiences, and two 2024 premieres – The Notebook and Water for Elephants – are already making waves. The Notebook, an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ bestselling novel, is a story of enduring love. Directed by Schelle Williams and Michael Grief, the show stars three pairs of actors in the roles of Allie and Noah during the different moments of their lives.

Water for Elephants cast
[Water for Elephants cast; photo by Matthew Murphy]

Water for Elephants offers a love story set against the backdrop of a 1930’s traveling circus. The cast is led by television (and current Broadway) star Grant Gustin. Director Jessica Stone is at the helm of this production, containing stunning circus elements that add a layer of spectacle and intrigue. 

Broadway’s 2024 season is championing a notable trend: The rise of female-led productions. These shows are not just spearheaded by women but also focus on strong female characters, and explore themes that resonate with today’s society.

Hannah Cruz as Inez Milholland and the Suffs Company
[Hannah Cruz as Inez Milholland and the Suffs Company]

Suffs, created by Shaina Taub, tells the story of the American suffrage movement, a narrative that feels particularly relevant in today’s socio-political climate. The show boasts a diverse cast and a female-led team, including producers Hillary Clinton and Malala Yousafzai. Both of these productions not only redefine the role of women in theatre but also push the boundaries of storytelling that reflect the world we live in today.

Jukebox musicals, with their blend of familiar tunes and compelling stories, have long been a crowd favorite on Broadway. The 2024 season adds to this repertoire with two fresh shows: The Heart of Rock & Roll and Hell’s Kitchen.

Corey Cott as Bobby in The Heart of Rock & Roll
[Corey Cott as Bobby in The Heart of Rock & Roll; photo by Matthew Murphy]

The Heart of Rock & Roll embraces the energy and spirit of Huey Lewis and the News through music. Set in 1987, the show follows Bobby, a twenty-something man choosing between his rock and roll dreams and a corporate job, and Cassandra, who puts her family’s business before her own passions. With a score featuring classics like The Power of Love and If This Is It, this musical promises to be a nostalgic journey, echoing the distinct sound of the 80’s.

Hell’s Kitchen takes a different route, offering a coming-of-age story set in the New York City neighbourhood of the same name. The score, composed by the multi-talented Alicia Keys, is a highlight of the production. Featuring Keys’ iconic hits and new songs, Hell’s Kitchen’s music perfectly complements the story based on her own teenage years.

Hell's Kitchen
[Hell’s Kitchen; photo by Marc J. Franklin]

One thing is clear this year: An abundance of exciting and diverse Broadway productions is on the horizon. Whether you’re a seasoned Broadway aficionado or a first-time theatre-goer, take part in this theatrical journey. The stage is set for an unforgettable season.

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