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As our city shops begin to open up following the COVID-19 lockdown, I wanted to get out and photograph the Gastown murals while I had the chance.

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They’re currently starting to come down and all will be moved from the area by May 28, with plaques to commemorate them once June rolls around).

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This grassroots movement gained momentum during the months of lockdown, with many local artists contributing their talent to plywood-boarded storefronts.

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Most are along the theme of thanking our health care and frontline workers, but there’s a message in all of them: This will get better.

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Over 35 have been created by more than 20 artists, however I chose to focus on Cordova and Water Streets, with a brief stop at Maple Tree Square to admire the numerous murals alongside Kimprints custom framing shop.

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On the day of my visit, Kimprints’ owner Kim Briscoe was onsite, working with the Gastown Business Improvement Society’s photographer to capture the soon-to-be historic murals.

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