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ProClip USA recently sent me a car phone holder for our VW Jetta, suitable for an iPhone 5/5s (with a small to medium case attached). The US-based company sells products designed and produced in Sweden with a good range of device holders to suit just about every mobile device, GPS, PDA and payment terminal in addition to height-customizable pedestal device mounts.

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Along with the holder (US $40), you’ll need to have the center mount (US $30). This one-piece unit comes with a gap opener to get it into the car’s panel frame in the dashboard. Directions with photos are provided for both pieces.

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To begin, you install the holder onto a mount with a screwdriver, then place the tilt swivel base over the matching holes in the mounting plate.

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Once that’s done, it’s a matter of reattaching the center screw (controlling the pivot: tighter for a firm hold, looser for easier movement and angling of the holder). We did notice that the center mount’s directions are switched up between a couple of steps.

ProClip USA iPhone holder-6< Luckily my husband discovered that the device would only install properly by clicking the bottom part of the mount plate in first, and then applying pressure upwards to click the grooved edge in place (inside the air vent). The directions state the opposite. UPDATE: I’ve since learned from the manufacturer that the instructions have been updated to make installation easier.

[Video showing how to install and use the iPhone holder/center mount]

Other than the small hitch noted above, we found all components solid, well-made (using high-grade ABS plastic) and easy to adjust via a screwdriver. The holder shown in these photos is geared towards a phone between 6 mm and 10 mm in thickness.

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The unit’s adjustable in width from 62 mm to 77 mm. We also tested this particular holder (item #511428) with a Blackberry Z10 and it too fits securely (without a case).

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I like that the swivel will also work in landscape orientation, perfect for Google Maps. Having the phone close to the 12-volt power plug adapter we use in the cigarette light socket is handy as our older model Jetta doesn’t have a built-in USB charger.

ProClip USA offers a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Their entire product range is available online and they’ll ship to Canada.

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ProClip USA sent us a car iPhone holder and center mount to experience for this feature. Opinions, as always, are my own.

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