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Seattle is always a fun and easy getaway from Vancouver, but this summer there’s a special reason to visit. Seattle’s Pacific Science Center is hosting Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor through September 4.

Terracotta Warriors

Though the terracotta warriors have toured before, this is the first time the science and technology behind them are also on display, making this exhibit (opened on April 8) unique. On loan from China are 10 life-size warriors as well as over 100 smaller artifacts.

The Pacific Science Center’s multimedia interactive exhibits tell the story of a 13-year-old prince, Ying Zheng, who conquered and united enemies, advanced civilization and became China’s first emperor, Qin Shihuang. The exhibit includes coins, weapons, seals and ornaments which show how much the emperor influenced the modern world.


Amongst his estimated 20 to 40 million subjects, Emperor Qin introduced a uniform way of writing, enabling people speaking different dialects to communicate with one another. He standardized weights and measures which improved trade and allowed broken parts from more complex machinery to be easily replaced.

Under his rule, agricultural techniques such as irrigation canals were advanced. Qin’s armies created 6,500 kilometres of roadways and built the base for what was to become the Great Wall of China.


In addition, Emperor Qin had a court of terracotta and bronze warriors, acrobats, musicians and animals built as his tomb. The Pacific Science Center’s exhibit shows how the statues were created, lacquered, painted, displayed and how they later deteriorated during their 2,200 years buried underneath a hill near Xi’an.

If you can’t make it all the way to China’s Shaanxi province this year, be sure to pop down to Seattle’s Pacific Science Center to see this magnificent display from the first imperial dynasty of China.

Exhibit banners

Tickets for Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor are $34.75 US for adults (discounted rates for seniors and kids). You can also book the Win a Warrior stay at the Warwick Seattle, a package including two VIP passes to the terracotta warriors exhibit, several hotel conveniences and the chance to win a full-size warrior replica.

Space Needle

The Warwick, located in Seattle’s Belltown neighbourhood, is within walking distance of the Pacific Science Center, the Space Needle and Pike Place Market.

Warwick Seattle

I was invited to the media opening of the exhibit by the Pacific Science Center and was hosted by the Warwick Hotel. Views expressed here are my own; neither organization reviewed nor approved the text. Photos by Johanna Read, TravelEater.net.

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