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When planning social outings online, we’re often indecisive and overwhelmed with choices. Vague star rating sites lack relevancy, specificity and a personal touch. Daters, travellers and corporate patrons short on time and high on expectation require finding timely experiences in tune with their needs. Tangoo is making all that possible.

Hospitality merchants (restaurants, hotels, bars, select cafés) lack a simple way to dynamically market their differentiating qualities to attract the right customer, requiring them to make reactive, largely assumptive business decisions on how to evolve their brands to be on trend with competitors as well as meet target customer expectations. Current online access to data and feedback isn’t well equipped to drive proactive business decisions.

Tangoo leverages experiences to connect people and businesses in the most personal way yet, by working with local experts and thought leaders to categorize restaurants by the experiences they best provide, matching them to what customers value and are most in the mood for at any given moment.

Users can search using a variety of options, including where to best enjoy Winter Cocktails, First Dates and Happy Hour. Type in Ryan Holmes’ (Hootsuite CEO) favourite corporate lunch spots — or our choice of tea shops around the city.

Via the ability to offer rewards personalized to the experiences they’re categorized by, merchants now have a creative outlet to both reinforce their brands and create customer loyalty.

About Tangoo

Based in Vancouver, BC, Tangoo is a dynamic media property allowing restaurants to continually update internal and Tangoo-specific promotions, contextual experience categories, and timely local events they’re wishing to be associated with.

This post produced in partnership with Tangoo.

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