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After partaking in WildTale Coastal Grill’s recent one-year shindig, I knew it was high time to get to their patio and enjoy a relaxing weekend brunch, feasting on the coastal goodness of our West coast bounty. WildTale’s focus is on fresh seafood and farm-to-field favourites.

Friends and business partners John Crook and Erik Heck are the duo behind the wildly successful Flying Pig restaurants, and have taken their game to Yaletown’s popular Mainland Street.

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As mentioned in my one-year party post, both chefs bring a wealth of culinary training to the table. With this highly skilled team and their culinary staff comes a menu filled with seafood, brunch classics, salads, sandwiches and several varieties of oysters.

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On the day of our visit, we had a choice of Royal Miyagi (Sunshine Coast), Read Island Gem (BC), Kusshi (Baynes Sound, Vancouver Island) and Malpeque (PEI).

Wild Tale dozen

A glorious weekend morning spent on the large covered patio put an extra wide smile on our faces (all too often, the weekend rolls around to greet Vancouverites with grey skies).

Wild Tale Bellini

We begin with a simple, colourful and refreshing Wild Tale Bellini while awaiting the arrival of our oyster trio (Royal Miyagi, Read Island Gems, Malpeques); of the three, the Miyagis were by far our favourites, with a delightful, refreshing seawater taste and delicate texture.

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Our table is soon filled with the Maui Wowie salad (photo above shows it split for two), seasonal fruit and two entrees — a cold-smoked salmon benny and signature crab cake benny.

Wild Tale Maui Wowie Salad

The smoked salmon benny is a happy threesome of rosti potatoes, smoked salmon and poached eggs (with hollandaise, in our case, on the side).

Wild Tale Smoked Salmon Benny
[Wild Tale Cold-Smoked Salmon Benny]

Equally scrumptious is my plate of crab cakes and poached eggs with a small salad tucked in the middle. Although the crab cakes are heavily crusted, the insides contain pure crabmeat devoid of filler.

Wild Tale Signature Crab Cake Benny
[Wild Tale Signature Crab Cake Benny]

The restaurant tries a different approach, leaving English muffins off the dish, however I asked for a slice of toasted multigrain bread and this made the entree (IMHO) a more satisfying meal.

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Brunch mains range in price from $13.50 to $21.50. Lunch and raw bar items are also available during brunch service. There’s also a good selection of BC/international wines, bubbly, local beer and other cocktails to be enjoyed.

Wild Tale Coastal Grill brunch-7
[Lounge in back]

While the interior was pretty empty due to the spectacular weather, I did walk through and take some shots of the various seating areas and cozy private lounge in the back (accommodating 28 guests).

The vibe throughout is very chill; staff are stationed in the open kitchen behind the bar up front.

Wild Tale Coastal Grill brunch-6

There’s enough variations to suit most dining arrangements and events. The patio’s heated so if you’re considering heading down in less-than-stellar weather, have no fear: there’s cozy knit throws on the chair backs here as well.

Wild Tale Coastal Grill brunch-4

Find WildTale Coastal Grill at 1079 Mainland Street in Vancouver’s Yaletown district.

They’re open weekdays 11 am to midnight, Saturday from 10 am to midnight and Sunday from 10 am to 11 pm. Weekend brunch includes Saturdays, Sundays and holiday Mondays, 10 am to 3 pm.

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