Knix Modal Sleep Set-4

Our friends at Knix are all about proper sleep habits, including putting on comfortable pyjamas before bed time. And they’re ready for spring with a pretty new floral pattern in their modal sleepwear collection.

Knix Modal Sleep Set-3

The Water Lily pattern sports an all-over lavender and green print incorporated into their super soft, breathable and sustainable fabric.

Knix Modal Sleep Set-2

I’ve been a Knix modal sleepwear fan for years and love the look and feel of a cooling material that’s relaxing to wear while keeping your body just warm enough to enjoy a fitful sleep without overheating.

Knix Modal Sleep Set

Perfect for winding down and getting cozy by the fireplace or with a book in bed, this short-sleeve top and drawstring cropped pants keep you warm without the added bulk of flannel.

Knix Robe Knix Cami

In sizes XS to XXXXL; CAD $65 each. Other Knix modal sleepwear items include a robe, cami, shorts (two different trim designs) and a nightgown.

Knix Short Knix Nightgown

Visit Knix online or in shops across Canada. There’s free shipping on orders of $95 or more.

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