Spot Prawns

The Wild BC Spot Prawn season is just around the corner and C Restaurant is preparing to once again celebrate this locally sourced and sustainable prince of the BC food scene.

On May 3, Executive Chef Robert Clark will receive C’s and Vancouver’s first spot prawn delivery. And on May 3 and 4, the popular destination restaurant will be the only one in Vancouver serving this early catch, days before the start of the 6th annual Spot Prawn Festival on May 5.

Lee Humphries, Chef de Cuisine

To celebrate the occasion, C’s Chef du Cuisine Lee Humphries has created a Wild BC Spot Prawn menu to go with the catch. The $70 six-course menu will be offered until the end of spot prawn season, typically lasting a handful of weeks each year. A couple of the dishes on this varied menu will include spot prawn ceviche with crispy head and baby herb salad, and spot prawn sashimi with jellied consommé, shaved radish, and smoked albacore tuna.

Breakfast with Robert Clark
[Chef Robert Clark discussing sustainable food sources at BC Chef’s Conference, 2011]

“When I started advocating for sustainable seafood eight years ago, the joy and celebration surrounding Wild BC Spot Prawns is something I had hoped for,” explains Chef Robert Clark, “It’s been a great success working with the Wild BC Spot Prawn fishery. They are a prime model for all fisheries to follow. With support from restaurants like C, ocean-friendly seafood is starting to become the norm.”

Recognized by David Suzuki Foundation’s Seachoice program as a BEST CHOICE, the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program as GREEN, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch as a BEST CHOICE, Wild BC spot prawns are a great catch.

The fishery is kept sustainable by enforcing maximum trap volumes, limiting the number of licenses and the number of traps per license, funding scientific research through licensing fees, and running effective monitoring programs. For further information, visit the Wild BC Spot Prawn fishery’s website.

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