Speck SeeThru SATIN case close-up

After settling my recently-purchased Macbook Pro into a Crumpler laptop bag, I wanted to test drive a physical case for the laptop as well. Speck’s SeeThru SATIN cases have won best of show on iLounge.com. After comparing several models in the stores, I decided upon their SeeThru SATIN hard shell case for my laptop.

Factors that led me to choose the satiny finish rather than the popular Hard Shell case were the SeeThru SATIN’s tactile sensation and easy-to-grip surface. Out of the package, fitting the two pieces to the top and bottom of the laptop was a pretty quick and easy process. The product comes with a cloth to remove dust prior to attachment.

Speck SeeThru SATIN case power indicator view

As well, the packaging advises regular disassembly of the case from the laptop in order to keep it from accumulating too many dust particles from carrying it around. I took the case apart by putting the laptop on its side and opening it. The sections were easy to remove and replace, as promised by the company’s brief video available here or on the company’s site.

As for plastic and heat issues, I was happy to see ventilation on the bottom panel to help prevent overheating.

Speck SeeThru SATIN case ventilation

The Apple logo glows through the case. Glad to see it wasn’t hindered from doing so.

Overall, the case is great to look at and touch, but does collect dust on the outside after a couple of days. I do realize that this is a trade-off, because by the looks of the hard plastic version, it may be more prone to showing scratches. I recommend the colourful Speck case line, satin-finish or hard shell, depending on personal preference, for laptop protection.

Speck SeeThru SATIN case front cover

I was sent the SeeThru Satin hard case for the purpose of this review. Opinions, as always, are my own.

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