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Yesterday morning, our small group was whisked away by Ritz Limos to West Vancouver’s Stittgen Fine Jewelry, to be joined by other local writers for a media breakfast reception and to learn about Stittgen’s unique collection of jewels.

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[Stittgen Gemologist Vanoula Steinberg]

Selina Ladak has owned and operated Stittgen since 2003, working together with some amazingly talented, award-winning goldsmiths, including Karin Bunzeit, and gemologist Vanoula Steinberg, all on hand to explain some of the process and history behind diamonds and working with precious metals.

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Over coffee and delectable bites, we learned about diamond cutting, pearl cultivation, and the difference between cubic zircona and a real diamond, the strongest natural mineral on Earth.

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“Look at the stone that sparkles the best.”

Back in the day, it was only possible to cut a diamond with another diamond; with laser cutting, there’s way more variety – and precision – in cuts. Diamonds can be cut so precisely as to fit several into one other. A diamond’s clarity (or lack thereof) affects its price and colour is but one factor in choosing a diamond. Flawless diamonds are more expensive because they are rarer. The bottom line: a good cut is very important when choosing a stone.

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Some of these pieces are one-of-a-kind, designed to mark one of life’s biggest milestones. Stittgen only works with certified diamonds and sources the most ethical stones, gems, and precious metals on today’s market.

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Here are some of the gorgeous creations to choose from (except for that beautiful fleur-de-lys diamond ring above — sold!).

Stittgen Fine Jewels-5 Stittgen Fine Jewels-3 Stittgen clasp ring
[Gold clasp ring photo courtesy of Stittgen Fine Jewels]

Stittgen Fine Jewelry is located at 1457 Bellevue Avenue in West Vancouver. Visit their website for more information.

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