Soothe at-home massage service

I love massages. You can relax for an hour or two, and a skilled professional finds all your sore spots and works to get the knots out. What’s not to love?

Well, I don’t love needing to schedule two weeks in advance to get the highly coveted evening and weekend time slots. I’m not happy trying to find a parking spot near the spa. I can’t stand putting my clothes back on post-massage when my skin is even a touch oily. And I loathe that my blissed-out mind has to shift to alert again in order to get me home safely from the spa.  

Luckily there is a solution.

Soothe at-home massage service

Soothe is a massage service that comes to you. A licensed therapist brings his or her massage table to wherever you are, and you get an absolutely stress-free massage. Soothing indeed!

Vancouver and Toronto are the only cities in Canada that have Soothe service availability so far (though, if you’re travelling, Soothe will come to your hotel in almost 50 US cities and in London, England). Soothe will even come to your office for chair or table massages. Wouldn’t that make a great staff reward gift?

On a cold, rainy day when I really didn’t want to be outside, my Soothe therapist arrived precisely on time. She set up her table in my living room with fresh linens and played some music. While she washed her hands, I got settled on the table. What followed was 90 minutes of bliss. She was able to find all the knots in my back and her strong hands patiently made them smaller and smaller. I felt immeasurably better afterwards.

Soothe at-home massage service

Afterwards I slipped on a robe for the short walk to my shower and was able to wash off all the oil. Then, no fighting traffic for me—I went straight to bed for a nap!

You can choose from Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal and couples massage. Soothe therapists are available from 8 am to midnight seven days a week including holidays with a minimum of an hour’s notice.

You can book a Soothe massage via phoning 1.800.960.7668, through their website, or by using the free Soothe app available for iOS and Android devices. Vancouver pricing is $99 for 60 minutes, $145 for 90 minutes and $185 for a full two hours of relaxation therapy.

I received a discount for my massage service. Opinions, as always, are my own. Photos courtesy of Soothe.

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