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Snackbox is a healthy snack delivery service available throughout Canada. The company has relationships with many local suppliers and aims to pack a variety of organic, gluten-free options into each box. While I don’t have any gluten-tolerant issues, I’m still curious to see what the products will taste like, and if I have gluten-free friends by, at least I know that I can serve them something to match their dietary needs.

Now that Snackbox has changed their delivery concept from a weekly service to a monthly one, there’s a larger range of healthy, organic snacks to enjoy, in three different sizes. I’d received the first installment of the new format after having reviewed the weekly versions, and a few months down the road, I’m glad to see that the company has continued on their path of sourcing and delivering high quality products.

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The service includes options for one, three, and six-month plans and obviously the more months you commit to, the cheaper each box becomes. Once you’re set up in Snackbox’s online ordering system, each box will arrive mid-month, depending on your location. And you can always upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel your subscription by phone or email.

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June’s Snackbox arrived with an abundance of sweet and savoury items, from Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Hearts (always a favourite on my oatmeal) to Brothers All Natural freeze-dried fruit packs. Vitamins, minerals, and fiber are all preserved through the freeze-dry process and the compact package makes it easy to nibble fruit on the go. I much prefer this to the old-fashioned fruit rolls.

I munched right through the Kind Plus gluten-free Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate nut bar. It’s smooth and not too sweet. Now that they’re on my radar, I’m going to look for both their Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt as well as their Blueberry Pecan & Fiber bars.

I’m normally not a fan of the super light bread crisps, but Natural Nectar’s gluten-free multigrain Cracklebred is pretty tasty. With slices of gouda cheese and green apple, it would complete the experience for me.

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This month’s Snackbox features another Pirate’s Booty product: baked rice and corn veggie puffs (a recent shipment included their Aged White Cheddar Puffs). Imagine a lightly-puffed snack with a sprinkling of dried spinach, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, kale and parsley instead of greasy, salted cheese, and you’re there. It’s definitely something different and maybe not for all palates, but the advantage of having something preselected for you is the chance to discover a new favourite.

Foodee June 2013 snackbox-1

Gummy bear fans will love the sour cherry goodness of Surf Sweets sour bears. These are made without any artificial colours, flavours, or corn syrup and are 90% organic.

In fact, I found most of the items in Snackbox’s box to be both gluten-free and organic, with no added preservatives or manufactured crap.

An assortment of goods means that you can share and pass around your less favourite snacks. Curious about the service and array of snacks? I’m offering readers 50% off their first box. Just click here and enter ARIANECDESIGN into the promo code field.

I received a Snackbox for the purpose of experiencing the service and following up on their introductory monthly boxes. I chose a few products to single out for this article and included the URLs simply for readers to investigate the products further.

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