Smorgasbord with Dan Mangan-21

I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun in a church. With a Twitter wall, several talented musicians (including a tuba-toting Mayor), and speakers, the packed pews of St. Andrews-Wesley Church was the place to be last Saturday night.

Smorgasbord with Dan Mangan-2

I managed to wield my way to the front of the church in time to take photos for the performance that will be both talked about and tweeted for some time to come.

Smorgasbord with Dan Mangan-25 Veda Hille Smorgasbord with Dan Mangan-32 Smorgasbord with Dan Mangan-37

Smorgasbord was billed as a “multi-faceted, inter-disciplinary and artistically diverse community event”. All artists on the bill donated their time for a worthy cause: Youth-homelessness projects headed by End Homelessness NOW. Proceeds from ticket sales also went to fund this local organization that steps up to provide community outreach, shelter, services and programs to our homeless citizens.

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