If you’ve been searching for a stylish, portable and budget-friendly heater for winter, we’ve got you covered with De’Longhi’s ultra-cute Capsule 1500W Ceramic Heater. This little space-saver is perfect for smaller bedrooms, living rooms, work spaces — even dorm rooms!

De’Longhi Capsule Compact Ceramic Heater

The heater contains a self-regulating heat output to deliver fast and powerful spot heat, so you can warm up your hands at your desk or keep warm while reading a book on the sofa. It’s really amazing at how much heat this little unit generates!

De’Longhi Capsule Compact Ceramic Heater

The retro style (available in dark grey and white) caught our eye for the simple, yet eye-catching detail and easy-to-transport ergonomic handle. It has a thermal shut-off and tip-over switch that will automatically power the unit off (and sound an alarm) if the heater is accidentally knocked over, too.

De’Longhi Capsule Compact Ceramic Heater

An anti-freeze standby setting ensures that the heater will get warmed up should the temperature drop below freezing level. Its two power settings optimize energy consumption.

De’Longhi Capsule Compact Ceramic Heater

With a foldable base, the De’Longhi heater is even handy into warmer days with a summer ventilation setting. The Capsule Compact Ceramic Heater is available online or at The Bay (online and in stores) across Canada.

CAD $48.74 (currently on sale at The Bay)/USD $49.99

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