Alessandra Olanow

Vancouver lifestyle and wellness brand b, halfmoon has just launched their newest collaboration, a series of prints by Alessandra Olanow. Alessandra is a Brooklyn, NY-based illustrator and author, whose work integrates elements of everyday life.

Alessandra Olanow

From feelings of grief and isolation to perseverance and fulfillment, Alessandra has organically grown a strong community and impactful art from ordinary moments.

“It’s very hard to stay true to yourself or to even know what that means. I’m someone that always likes to check in with myself and make sure that I’m living an authentic life.”

Alessandra Olanow

Her collection of prints are an extension of her truth and a reflection of her experiences, emotions and perspective and make a great last-minute gift. They can also be sent digitally to avoid shipping delays. Visit Alessandra Olanow’s collection at b, halfmoon online for details and ordering.

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