Cascumpec Bay Oysters

With the Coronavirus pandemic currently keeping most of Canada (outside the “Atlantic bubble”) from visiting Prince Edward Island, we decided to bring a well-loved PEI delicacy to us! Cascumpec Bay Oysters delivers door-to-door across Canada via FedEx Priority Overnight service so you can shuck to your heart’s content!

Cascumpec Bay Oysters

Imagine opening a box of gorgeous oysters from PEI’s Cascumpec Bay, a space nestled on the island’s Northwestern end that contains a clean system of rivers and bays where many varieties are grown. Cascumpec Bay Oysters was founded in 2012 by Martin O’Brien, a lifetime PEI resident who’s passionate about producing and marketing his oysters.

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Cascumpec Bay Oysters is focused on producing the most premium quality oysters both safely and sustainably, working with federal and provincial agencies to ensure food safety standards. They use an innovative wet storage system to provide a constant year-round, high-volume supply of product without interruption.

Additionally, these oysters receive the benefit of salt water flowing from the Gulf of St. Lawerence together with the earthy influence of peat moss for a unique taste and appearance.

Cascumpec Bay Oysters

Where next-day service is available, shipping is free across Canada (the company ships Mondays to Wednesdays). While larger cities will get their oysters the next day, more rural spots generally see a two-night delivery window. The oysters are shipped in styrofoam boxes with ice to keep them cold during their journey.

Options include Cascumpec Bay or Foxley River Premium Cocktail oysters. Foxley River oysters get their brown shell colouring from the peat moss of Foxley River. They are then tumbled to create a distinct round and heavy shell, which makes them the perfect cocktail oyster. For a beginning oyster lover, these are ideal as their heavier shell is easier to shuck (they’re also smaller in size than the Cascumpec Bays).

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[Cascumpec Bay Large Choice oysters]

As for the Cascumpec Bay variety, they’re available in both small and large sizes, in 50- and 100-count quantities. Large choice oysters range in size from 3.5″ to 4.5″ (think summer grilling!); small choice oysters range in size from 3″ to 3.5″.

Cascumpec Bay Oysters

You can also get the party started with a grill kit that includes 50 Large Cascumpec Bay oysters, Glasgow Glen cheese, Maritime Madness Hot Sauce and a Banjo oyster knife.

Banjo oyster knife PEI

We received an order of 50 Large Choice oysters plus a nifty Banjo Knife, designed and handcrafted in PEI by champion oyster shucker Jason Woodside. These are meaty, not too briny and delectable slurp after slurp! It’s a real treat getting these beauties delivered to our door ready to shuck.

Cascumpec Bay Oysters

Storage Tips

Oysters are best stored in your fridge under a damp towel. With a 100-box order, you can keep them in their box and place a damp cloth right over the top of the oysters. 50-oyster orders come in a mesh bag which can be put into a bowl and a damp towel then put on top of that. Did you know that PEI oysters have a very long shelf life and can last up to three weeks in the fridge if properly stored?

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Visit Cascumpec Bay Oysters online for details and to order your own box of goodness.

This post produced in partnership with Cascumpec Bay Oysters.

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