Shimano CT5 Men’s Urban Cycling Shoes

Now that we’re through the COVID-19 lockdown and are beginning a return to the office, it’s time to consider alternative forms of transportation. Many cities have gotten on board with added cycling lanes, and we’re hoping Vancouver will do the same. With that in mind, we decided to check out the men’s Shimano CT5 Urban Cycling Shoes.

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These lightweight, easy-to-pair, lace-up shoes (in navy) can be worn on casual office days without the need to lug an extra pair of shoes to work. They’re also great for casual gatherings where sportier cycling shoes may not match the occasion!

Shimano CT5 shoes

Installing the SPD cleats was a breeze, and they click in and out of the pedals easily. My husband is an experienced cyclist and is used to the cleat mechanism. If you’re new to SPD pedals, just take some time practicing getting in and out of the them with the cleats attached to your shoe.

The shoes come with a few safety instructions/user guide. The CT5’s best feature is that you can walk comfortably with them while not on the bike. The shoe sole has a specially-designed deep slot for the cleat and the sole is high enough to allow the cleat not to stick out from underneath the shoe.

Shimano CT5 Men’s Urban Cycling Shoes

This shoe offers some step cushioning as well with a separate layer of foam material in the sole. As a final feature I quite like the sleek design; this unique and versatile cycling shoe is cleverly disguised as an urban sneaker.

When you start cycling with the shoes you’ll find that the ankle area is stiff and gives great support. The inner sole plate is stiff as well, allowing for easy and direct power transfer of your pedalling to the bike’s drive train.

I recommend the SPD cleat system for any (e-)cyclist who does regular trips either for fun, commuting or daily errands.

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This system ensures a good foot position on your pedals (always check your bike’s saddle height; you should still be able to reach the ground with the front foot when seated) and you can propel yourself with less effort and probably less muscle pain as you get older.

Although the shoes can be worn with our without cleats, I would not use these shoes without cleats as the bottom of the sole is too stiff and doesn’t offer enough grip.

The other key feature that I plan to test out over time is how well these shoes stand up to rain, dirt, sun and other abuse. These look great new and I hope to use them for years to come. They may discolour a bit over time, so be sure to dry them in a well-ventilated area should they get wet.

Shimano recommends brushing dirt off the shoes; applying too much water or washing is not a good idea. They also warn that they may discolour your socks when they get wet — just don’t wear your most expensive white socks!

Shimano CT5 shoes-2

Available in sizes 36 to 48 in navy. Pricing varies per region.

In Metro Vancouver, find Shimano products at Speed Theory, Bicicletta, Reckless, MEC, Veloholic Cycles and Obsession: Bikes. On Vancouver Island, Cycle Therapy Bicycles and Straight Up Cycles.

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